Being Witty During an Interview: Does it Help

Well, the preparations have been ample at your end. Right from practicing a 1 minute introduction, you have checked and re-checked all possible skills you need to talk about. But what if the employer is looking for a wee bit more!

Yes, you definitely have all that’ required to make a perfect fit for the role, be it the qualifications or the work expertise you hold in the field. However, there are times when the recruiter wants to test the candidate over there spontaneity and spur of the moment intelligence, qualities urgently required in the corporate arena today.  Think about all that you can say and all that you should say, and you’ll spot a difference between a run-of-the-mill and witty answer. However, it’s not about being over-smart and bragging about all that you can bring to the fold, but being subtle in the way you present yourself.

Mentioned below are a few tips that will help you in the same regard and put some wits to your interview answers. Drop sufficient glances and arm yourself for success.

Keep a Few Interesting Stories in Mind

You enter the room and begin with reading the interviewer’s body language. This ensured, what’s required is keeping a few interesting stories in mind. While telling about the field pertinent skills you hold in a plain and simple way would also work, but subtlety has to be kept in mind, right?

For instance, if it’s management skills you are talking about, there should be a solid example wherein you took charge for certain project/initiative and managed the team or resources to achieve the objective. This way, the recruiter finds it believable plus you to be a down to earth candidate with real time examples that support your case.

The Dream Job Question

Provided that the interviewer is in the right mood, there would certainly be a moment when he would like to enquire about your dream job. Well, this is more of a tricky question that would surely test your wits and that’s what the employer wants to gauge as well.

You can certainly talk about all that you want to achieve in your career, but make sure to keep it in line with the job role you applied for. It would be best if your dream job entails features that run in compliance with the job duties of the role offered.

Pick Up his Interests and Answer Accordingly

It all depends on the fact how good-a-listener you are. Pay attention to detail and with all the subtlety in the world, pick up the likes and dislikes of the hiring manager interviewing you for the role.  There would be discussions when he’ll talk about all that he likes about the field and in personal life as well. This would be the moment for you to capitalize on and impress him right away. If it’s some kind of rock music he follows, it would be opportune to talk about the greatest Beatles songs or the recent album by Pink Floyd.

Talk about Business Solutions Pertinent to the Company

At the end of the discussion, the interviewer would definitely ask you regarding any doubts or advices you have. To end the interview on a good note, you can always come up with possible business solutions in the form of advices that stand workable for issues the company has been facing for a while. Provided that the timing is right, he would certainly appreciate your research and the will to contribute, even before getting selected. Hence showing your wits in the most genuine of ways.

All the basics kept aside, it’s all a game of timing. Know when to make your move and you’ll see it work. Yes, it really does help!


Author Bio: Anshuman Kukreti is a professional writer and a keen follower of the gulf job market. An engineer by qualification and an artist at heart, he writes on various topics related to employment across the Gulf. Reach him @ LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.