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A 360-Degree Approach To Get A Higher-Paying Job. Guaranteed.

The urban unemployment rate had more than doubled to 20.9% in the period April-June 2020 from the 9.1% in the corresponding quarter in 2019, data released by the government showed.

3 Tips To Ace Your Virtual B-School Personal Interview Round Ft. Prof. Sayan Banerjee, IMT N

The B-school admission process as we know it has changed drastically, thanks to the global pandemic. A lot of B-schools have decided to not continue group discussions at all for

Your Ultimate Personal Interview Prep Checklist 2021

Are you an aspirant preparing to crack those b-school interviews? Waiting with bated breath to get a call from your dream b-school and wondering which schools you must prepare for?

How Does A B-school Help In Creating Global Opportunities For Students Of Diverse Backgrounds, Ft. Universal Business School Alumni

What does it mean to have a global MBA degree where students from diverse backgrounds come and join? A B-school that focuses on imparting knowledge through industry insights, involving corporate

Tackling Trick Interview Questions - Niteen Bali From IIM Calcutta

You have cracked the CAT and only one step away from getting into your dream B-School. Interview score is a major component for getting selected and often students falter in

The Economic Impact of India Being Declared A 'Developed Nation' | Important GD-PI-WAT Topic

While the interview processes for various business schools may be different, what interview panels are looking for in a candidate is nearly identical - academic prowess, high EQ, and strong

How To Handle MBA Stress Interviews?

MBA studies are no joke! There will be days when you will have to give multiple exams on a single day and let's not even talk about the midnight surprise

IIM Calcutta Student Explains Nifty And Sensex - WAT-PI Preparation

A stock market is a virtual place where you can sell or buy shares of companies. And an index is basically an indicator which gives us a general idea about