My Campus, My Friends, My Memorable Experiences – M Sruthi, SJMSOM

What makes my campus unique?

Recently, the campus celebrated its 59th Foundation day celebrating the commencement of the institution inaugurated by Pandit Shri Jawaharlal Nehru. Over the years, the college has multi-folded its knowledge wealth by creating the best of the best citizens in the country. It is the campus’s ecosystem, not only the lush greenery and peaceful atmosphere but of remarkable professors, students, facilities and opportunities that has caused the skyrocketing achievements. My campus has excellent adaptability and innovation which has been a kick-starter for many organisations. We have SINE incubation centre which is fully funded by the government along with many student bodies such as Entrepreneurship Cell, Entrepreneurship & Business Club and Entrepreneurship Club for fostering student interest in starting up and forming the right network for funding and establishing the business even within the campus. All the incubators have unlimited resource power in terms of advisory, go-to-market strategy from both the alums and over 10000 students studying in the campus.

A memorable classroom experience in my B-School

The most memorable was the Macroeconomics class on 2008 Economic Crisis which was a deviation from the course syllabus. The prereading for the class was to watch the ‘The Insider Job’ documentary. The discussion leads to many insights on the economic situation of European countries, India and China; their repercussions on trade deals and dollar-INR movement. The course was taken by Prof. Sarthak Gaurav who put everything into perspective and ended the class with the movement of aggregate demand and supply according to each of the scenarios discussed in the movie and how it leads to an irrevocable loss that spiralled down to the crisis leading to unemployment and failure of the banking system. The lesson learnt was the importance of having regulation and risk of making ‘something out of nothing’ which was daunting as well as exciting.

Introducing some of my crazy classmates

Kodi Venkata Hareesh – The multitasker of the batch who is currently class representative, Somskriti cultural club member and SOMA student council member. He has unlimited energy and enthusiasm which is infectious and keeps the whole batch on toes.

Ananya Singh – A fun-loving, energetic girl with a knack for anything and everything she tries. She is in the IIT basketball team, Entrepreneurship Cell of the college and head representative for ‘SOMleague’, the intra-college sport series which is conducted for three-month period.

Kshitij Arora – He is a professional photographer, blogger, guitarist and traveller. He has travelled to unexplored places in India and currently on a study tour in Europe. He has more than 1000 followers on his Instagram handle. We expect a lot more from this accomplished vagabond!

Bheemeshwar SVS– A diligent follower of news, world economics and much more. His knowledge is vast and often beyond comprehension for many among us. He is now a member of the Finance club; SOMA student council and he wants a career in public policy making of India.

Which ABG Company would you want to work for and why?

I would want to work for ABC (Aditya Birla Capital) because of my interest in financial services space. It would be a good learning experience to work for a company with AUM of $23 billion. Many of the Mutual Funds of ABC Sun Life are popular among investors and has good scope for many more packaging and scheming for different investor profiles and degree of risk exposure. ABC can explore insurance incubation which is an upcoming competitive sector in India and an exciting profile for finance enthusiasts to learn and grow with the organisation


M Sruthi is a second year student at SJMSOM, IITB

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