Career in Niche Consulting

Mr. Vikash Thakur, Consultant at SKP Consulting, addressed IIM Indore, Mumbai Campus participants on 28th February. Mr. Thakur is an IIM Indore alumnus and has 5+ years of work experience in consulting domain.

Mr. Thakur gave a comprehensive knowledge about the consulting domain and the day to day challenges that consultants face during projects. He shared his learnings and insights from different niche projects he handled. Mr. Thakur also acquainted students about different fields in consulting. However, he focussed more on a specialist consultant’s job and discussed intricacies involved in different parts like client interaction, requirement gathering, analysis and recommendation of a project.

Mr. Thakur articulated that to approach any problem proper process and structure should be followed. In order to go deeper in to the working of a consultant, he created a mock situation during the lecture on the lines of actual interaction between a client and a consultant, and then explained how he would’ve handled the situation. The session helped participants to get the deep knowledge about the process that a consultant should follow while taking any project. Mr. Thakur said that knowing client’s expectations and asking relevant questions were the key factors considered before jumping in to the analytical part of any problem. This helps a consultant to get more specific information if (s)he is doing a niche project.

At the later stage Mr. Thakur acquainted participants about the process of selecting a consultant. He insisted that apart from general skills, aspiring candidates should have the ability to convince client mentally and emotionally.

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