Case Competitions Decoded

Having spent the past 2 terms attempting to win case competitions, I managed to discover that there are some commonalities that can help those of you trying to follow suit win those big bucks. My claim to fame is nothing but multiple attempts, a few wins and some campus final worthy entries. Having had a chance to make it through some or the other level in 8 attempts, I’d like to share what I’ve gathered.


1. Make a dream team

It may seem like something that isn’t so important, but a good team is sometimes all it takes to make the cut. What’s more, there may be points for gender, academic or experience diversity. Apart from this, a dream team should comprise of people who have different skill sets with someone who manages to scare numbers away in a jiffy.

2. Back your assumptions and ideas by data

Sometimes your models and data points, no matter how simple they may be, can help you make it or break it. A case solution without numbers is no good and seems like last minute work to anyone who is viewing your presentation. Spend some time putting all that finance you’ve picked up to some good use and let the numbers do the magic.

3. Do not make very jazzy presentations

The idea is not to make very animated or empty presentations. You have limited slides and time, try to make the most of them in the limited time that you have.

4. Surveys, FGDs, market visits, you’re nothing without them

All the gyaan you received in your MR classes can be put to good use, once you’ve enrolled yourself in a case study competition. Filling out surveys, or doing 1-2 FGDs will only frame your hypothesis better, so don’t run away from it.

5. Focus on the Presentation

The presentation can most times be the real deal breaker. Be well prepared and in sync with each other. Don’t try to overshadow one another. This is the one time your team effort and synergy really does make a show. Try to do a good job with it.

Don’t treat it like another college PPT and try to be as lucid as possible. It’s your idea and you may feel that what you’re skipping is too intuitive and obvious but that may not be the case.

6. It is a  PPI opportunity

A lot of competitions come along with PPIs. Ensure that you know what’s in store for you. Over time, you will have to decide whether or not you want the PPI. Most companies conduct these competitions with recruitment in mind. Ensure that you’re applying to the ones of your choice. 

7. Learning experience

It will prove to be a great learning experience even if you’re doing last minute work. You’ll be exposed to more industries and sectors in this short span of time than you would have imagined. Don’t forget to make the most of it.

It may all seem intuitive and it truly is. 2-3 Case competitions are what you need on an average to warm up and after that, you’ll be just ready to ace them all.