CAT Results – Didn’t Make It? Resist And Fight!

Ankit Doshi

Creator of



Dr gaurav garg

well written, thanks sir, i scored 92 percentile yesterday and was feeling sad but after this my confidence has increased

Akash Nath Garg

This is highly motivating after not succeeding in first attempt this year. But not only determined, I feel for making much better use of extra work exp to be gained in coming months. And perhaps also sparks that small fire for entrepreneurship.


I got 98.47 still don't believe in CAT because, your success in life is not determined by your B-school, your academics but it depends upon you.As Ankit rightly said "Entrepreneurship is always an option. " .That's why I have started my business.

kasturava das

nicely done but are you gonna try to do something much more worthwhile with your life than just being a high paying banker.its not sarcasm .just constructive criticism.good luck


dat was really motivating………….
in ur post u mentioned about building up profile n NGO.wud b very greatful if u cud elaborate a bit how to go about NGO…….


Good article. It would be of great help if you could elucidate what options one could consider to strengthen their resume in the meantime. For e.g., I'm particularly interested in taking up CFA, but I'm sceptical about its lack of recognition by the AICTE, and in India, in general. Could you please write (or provide a link to) an article on the pros and cons of CFA, and to whom the course makes sense (I'm still in the 8th semester)? Are there any other worthwhile pursuits or courses worth engaging in?


Good article. I got calls from IIM-K and IIM-S last year and converted both of them, but didn't join, as I always wanted to join IIM-A,B,C. This time again I have got calls from IIM-I and IIM-K. Should I join IIM-I in case I make it? I'm a fresher and currently, I'm earning 9lpa. Should I give myself one more chance for A,B,C?


just the thing that i needed,CAT 2013 was an unmitigated disaster but i am not giving up yet,going to look for a job and take another shot at this wretched feline 🙂