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MBA Is An Experience; Not Just A Degree - Amit Grover, IIM Indore, IIT Delhi

From corporate finance and angel investments to entrepreneurship. From getting checks signed for budding startups to starting up oneself. Sounds poetic right? But that’s just what Amit Grover, IIM Indore

3 Reasons To Pursue An MBA - Amit Grover, Entrepreneur, IIM Indore, IIT Delhi

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to study at an IIM, work in sales and marketing at a company like Asian Paints, move to Onida (Mirc Electronics),

Life At IIT Vs. IIM - How An MBA Transformed Me Ft. Amit Grover, IIM Indore, IIT Delhi

How does an MBA add value to an engineer’s career? How does one make the best of the 2 years at b-school? What skills does an MBA teach you, that

How To Crack Your MBA Interviews Ft. IIM Interview Experiences

IIM A, B, C and L, I, K are most people’s dream b-schools. With so much competition and tough selection criteria, getting shortlisted for BLACKI institutes is no mean feat.

Depleting Vision Didn't Stop Me From Pursuing My Dreams | Darshi V, Tata Steel, IIM Indore

Darshi had difficulty from the very beginning to see things clearly. Along with the problem in her vision, she could not differentiate colors from a young age as well. Things

How To Crack Your IIM-I Interviews | Tips And Experiences Shared By Current IIM-I Students

Now that the shortlists for WAT-PI process of 2020-22 are out, it’s time to pull up your socks for the WAT-PI process. Wondering how to prepare? Or don't know what

99.97 Percentiler's Recommended Reading List Of Interview Experiences To Crack IIM Interviews | Part 2

I hope you found Part 1 of this series of the recommended readings useful and to further aid your preparation here goes my list of interview experiences across the various

How To Answer 'Why IIM Indore?' In Your IIM-I Interview

Before appearing for an interview to convert the call from any IIM, one question that the candidates must be clear about is, “Why does he/she want to join that IIM?”