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Can You Really Manage An Operations Internship From Home? Ft. Summer Interns, Tata Steel

For IIM Indore student Ipsita Manna and SIBM Pune student Udit Khorwal, the work from a home internship with Tata Steel news came as a pretty disheartening one. Ipsita, being

I Gave Up My Chance To Do A Government Job To Pursue My MBA Dream - Pranav Vaish's Story Of Success

People say "higher the risk, higher the return". But, how many of us are willing to take that risk when you have something comfortable also as an option? In today's

IIM Shillong The Most Academically Diverse IIM, Class of 2019-21 | InsideIIM's Academic Diversity Report

MBA at IIMs seems to be the natural path many engineers take in order to gain career growth and higher pay checks. But today we find doctors, CAs, lawyers, humanities

I Used My Management Skills To Manage The Household When My Mother Fell Ill - Sakshi Agrawal's Journey IIM B Grad, InsideIIM's Best 50

They say "A mother is the best manager." We are all witnessing it first hand during these COVID 19 times. But what happens when that one person, everyone's most dependable

I Helped A Friend Get Out Of Debt - CS Ashwin Rajh's Journey To Success

How far would you go to help out a friend? How would you tackle tricky situations? Well, CS Ashwin Rajh from IIM Indore has done both to an impressive amount.

My Journey From 5.33 GPA To IIM-Indore

Right off the bat, I'm going to lay out some stats (and hence, a possibly gloomy introduction).  My GPA mid-way through my engineering was 5.8 (5.33 & 5.38 in 1st

I Proved My Family's Notion Of "Commerce Is For The Weak" Wrong - IIM Indore Grad's Success Story

The first time we ever make a career decision is after class 10th, where we choose our field of Interest. But how many times have you heard this, "If you

How To Use LinkedIn To Find A Job & Network Ft. Saloni M, Ex LinkedIn, IIM Indore Alum

Saloni Mehta, Founder & Chief LinkedIn Consultant at the Saloni Mehta Company started her own venture with one simple goal in mind: To help professionals achieve their professional goals with