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I Worked And Studied Around The Clock To Fuel My MBA Dream - Arush Sharma's Success Story Against All Odds

Determination can get you anywhere they say. It holds especially true for Arush Sharma. He slogged himself for 3 years in the IT sector and then a tech-based startup. However,

I Helped In Creating An App Prototype That Can Locate Earthquakes Shelters - Pranishaa Prakash, IIM Shillong Grad's Success Story

There are around millions of apps that are developed in today's world. But, not many that can help you locate safe shelters during Earthquakes. Today's feature - Pranishaa R. Prakash

I Chose HR When Everyone Wanted Me To Do BM At XLRI - Sana Azeem's Success Story, Against All Odds

A career decision is probably one of the most difficult decisions we ever make in life. Why? because this can affect our future. Hence, most of us end up choosing

I Organised The First Ever Hackathon In My Undergrad College - Zaid Merchant, InsideIIM’s Best 50

You will encounter many different types of people in your life. There are ones who rarely question things, and there are others who go on to change the entire system

I Co-Authored Research Papers On Data Science Before B-School Ft. Bhavya Popli - InsideIIM’s Best 50

Bhavya did not know anything about data science. But for his very first project, he decided to do his best and approached seniors to help him. Having published 2 research

I Learnt To Play The Guitar, Piano, Ukulele, Harmonica Ft. Jason Cardozo - InsideIIM’s Best 50

As an introvert. Jason Cardozo failed. At networking. Once he realised his failure though, he decided to tackle the challenge head on. He decided to learn by practice. And today,

A Project In Rajasthan Taught Me Hard Realities of Life - Tanya Shridhar's Journey To Success Against All Odds

Sometimes you need to go out of your comfort zone to experience something completely new. The decision to take that risk is hard. Today, we bring you a story of

I Gave Up My Chance To Do A Government Job To Pursue My MBA Dream - Pranav Vaish's Story Of Success

People say "higher the risk, higher the return". But, how many of us are willing to take that risk when you have something comfortable also as an option? In today's