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IIM C & IIM K Students Decode Their Finance Internship Journey At HUL, Ft. Mayank & Niharika

Mayank Bhartia and Niharika Kumar came from two very different B-schools, both in terms of geographical location and the learning pedagogy it follows. But their thoughts found a common home

ISB, IIM Ahmedabad Only Indian B-Schools in Economist MBA Rankings 2022

The Economist's MBA rankings for 2022 are here! This year, American business schools take the top spots in the rankings, with 2 out of 3 institutes in the top fifty

How These IIM A Students Learned On Ground Sales & Marketing With HUL, Ft. Shirin & Rohan, IIM A

Rohan Soni and Shirin Kumar, two students from IIM Ahmedabad stepped in to the colorful and vibrant HUL headquarters in Mumbai for the first time as part of their summer

IIM Udaipur Placements in the Last Five Years - A Quick Analysis

When the new IIMs were first established in 2010, there was some apprehension around the dilution of the 'IIM' brand—could these second-generation IIMs live up to the standards set by

Healthcare Consulting Is A Booming Career Option For The Future, Ft. Prerna Sharma, PwC, WeSchool

In this episode, we have Prerna Sharma. She takes us through the journey from being the first batch to be graduated in healthcare management at Welingkar Institute to being a

Faculty at Masters’ Union & VP at Spinny: How Shailendra Made it as a Product Leader

Shailendra Nath Jha, VP-PM Spinny & Master @Masters' Union teaching Marketing Research & User Psychology, started his career as an engineer and he happened to ask his senior about the

Placements At Top Non-IIM Colleges In 2022

After an expectedly underwhelming placements season during the pandemic's peak, the IIMs—especially the top six—saw impressive recovery and growth in the placement figures, with institutes such as IIM Lucknow continuing

Why India Is Going To Be The Hub For FinTech Companies

In this video, we have Prof & Dr.Kulbir Singh, finance area chairperson at IMT Nagpur, and Sameer Budhwani, pursuing an MBA.