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Career Transition To Product Management | Transferrable & Required Skills

Have you heard the phrase, “All roads lead to Rome?” Well, we got one - “Any career leads to product management.” The career path of a PM is not a

Placement At BML Munjal University Decoded: Worth Joining?

In this video, we have Siddiq Aazam, the Assistant Director of the Career Guidance and Development Center at BML Munjal University, talking about the overall placement scenario for the MBA

Life of Indian MBA Students in Milan, Italy - What’s Next?

How do you feel about working in Italy on international campaigns with leading brands like Cartier?

How To Calculate The Real Cost Of An MBA In 2024? Ft. IMT Nagpur Professors

With all the uncertainty in the market, loads of students are feeling pretty unsure about their career and education choices and let's face it, when it comes to something as

Maximising Your MBA Experience | B-School Competitions | Great Lakes Gurgaon

Join us as Team InsideIIM heads to Great Lakes Gurgaon to chat with two outstanding students, Aadar & Abhinav. Throughout their MBA journey, they've stood out with podium finishes in

FT MBA Rankings 2024 : 2 IIMs in the Top 50, A new Entrant in the List

The Financial Times MBA rankings haven't been great in the past few years for Indian B-schools. Last year, all of the IIMs slipped out of the top fifty with two

BML Munjal University: MBA, Campus Tour, Placement, RoI, Hostel, Admission Process & More | KYC

In this episode of Know Your Campus, we have BML Munjal University, a b-school in Haryana that offers you a glimpse of green and smart architecture at the same time.

Take a Seat in a Marketing Case Study: Why Should a 40Y Old Brand REBRAND Itself? Ft. BIMTECH

We are back with another video in one of your favourite series, ‘Take a Seat in an MBA Classroom’.