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Why India’s Best Talent Wants To Join Product Management

You wake up in the morning. Pick up your smartphone and click on your food delivery app. Less than 3 mins later you can already see a map with a

IIM Indore To Conduct CAT 2020 - So Which Section Will Be The Toughest This Year?

It's now official - IIM Indore has announced that it will be the coordinating IIM for CAT 2020! In the past, there has been discussion around a correlation between the

I Risked Many Things In Life To Support My MBA Dream - Parul Goyal's Journey To Success Against All Odds

Life is very uncertain. There are times you will have to take risks without knowing the effect it may have on your future. Today, we bring you a story of

Thrown Off A Moving Train, Rejected 5 Times By IIM A - Ameer Iqubal's Journey To Success Against All Odds

We at InsideIIM are storytellers - stories of those who've faced failures repeatedly, those who've gotten up for a split second before being thrown back to the ground but eventually

An IIM Ahmedabad Grad's Brutally Honest Take On The Reality of Pursuing An MBA

Is an MBA really worth it? Where does the MBA degree take you in your career? What are the chances that even after an MBA, you may end up in

How To Be Noticed By Recruiters | An HR Manager's Tips Ft. Priyanka Nandan, Philips, TISS Alum

Will hiring and recruitment change drastically due to COVID 19? Will the class of 2019-21 and 2020-22 have to struggle with summer and final placements as well as internships? What

Revealed - Companies That Have Cancelled, Delayed Summer Internships At XLRI, FMS, MDI And More

This article, published on June 22nd has since been unpublished. Inconvenience is regretted. Please read - 

The Right Way To Prepare For CAT 2020 In The Next 5 Months - Learn From A CAT Expert

CAT 2020 is now five months away. As the official notification comes out and the IIMs start to release their selection criteria, many CAT 2020 aspirants will pull-up their socks