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Changing Trends In The World Of Business Ft. Rajesh Srivastava

Continuing the conversation, an IIM Bangalore alum and a corporate trainer Rajesh Srivastava talk further about the changing paradigm of business in the world. From changing definition of sales, different

I Thought The Steel Industry Is Very ‘Sarkari’- Choudhury Neha Dash, Tata Steel

Choudhury Neha Dash always thought that the steel industry is not meant for her as she has seen her father spending all his life working for a steel company. Belonging

How I Developed As An HR Professional With The Mahindra group Ft. Bagisha Jha

What makes you take pride in working for an organization like Mahindra! Is it the values that the company follows to the tee or the respect for the brand and

How Uber, Netflix, Amazon Drive Our Habits And Behaviour | Ft. Rajesh Srivastava, IIM Bangalore Alum

We all must have heard the famous saying, ‘Change is the only constant’. Well, this applies to business as well and the rules of businesses are constantly shifting with the

Joint Stock Companies Explained | Finance Concepts - Learning IRL By ABGLP

Are you interested in an finance career? Do you want to ace the placement game and land an internship with your dream company? InsideIIM, in association with ABGLP, brings you

How I Said No To Marriage For My MBA Preparation Ft. Pallawi Singh | IIM Kozhikode

‘Beti baadi ho gayi hai, shaadi kab karwa rahe hai’, could be the most heard line by any Indian parent, when their daughters reach their 20s. The age is even

7 Life Lessons From 25 Years At HUL - BP Biddappa, Vice President HR | Konversations Cafe

In the fast-paced corporate world of today, it would surprise most of the millennials to even think that an employee could spend more than 25 years in a private company!BP

How An XLRI Alum Pursued His Passion To Nurture India's Future Sporting Stars | Atul Kumar, TATA Steel

In the pursuit of day to day academics, oftentimes sports take a back seat. Marrying both sports and academics becomes a challenging task to fathom. But have you ever wondered