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The Story of Think School - India’s Knowledge University, ft. @ThinkSchool

In the last two years, @ThinkSchool has reached millions of people through its informative content, business lessons, and geopolitical approach to explaining business concepts.

The Role Of A Finance Manager In An FMCG Company, Ft. Ayush S & Priyanka B, HUL

As the leading house of FMCG brands in India, HUL invests in building unique capabilities through digital transformation and is constantly reimagining its business processes to pioneer innovations.

Decoding BITSoM Foundation Batch Placements

Ever since the announcement of BITSoM, the MBA community has been waiting eagerly to see how the foundation batch performs in the final placement and how the industry reacts to

How To Make A Successful Career In E-Commerce, Ft. Shradha Varma, Flipkart, Ex Udaan

Shradha Varma is an example of how to navigate your career swiftly post your B-school learning. Shradha ventured into the world of MBA after spending two years at IBM working

Why Exceptional Profiles Are Needed In An MBA Classroom?

Isn’t it about time for your unique individual and remarkably prominent achievements in extracurriculars to not get flown under the radar, but get rewarded in premier B-Schools of our country?

MBA: India or Abroad? Career Growth, ROI, Culture Shock & More, Ft. CUHK

Whether to go for your MBA abroad is probably a question that comes to the mind of many after the CAT results are out. And rightly so, because an MBA

An MBA Classroom On YouTube | What Does An MBA Classroom Look Like?

Ever wondered what it feels like to be a part of an MBA classroom, discussing a real-life business case scenario? You don’t have to wonder any more, as our “Take

1/4th Of Our Alumni Base Is Holding CXO Positions Ft, Dr Madhu Veeraraghavan, Director, TAPMI

Team had a conversation with Dr Madhu Veeraraghavan, Director T.A. PAI Management Institute. Dr Madhu has spent 10 years in various capacities at TAPMI and previously he taught finance