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I Helped A Boy Of Hearing Impaired Parents Pass His Higher Secondary Exams - Niloy Mukherjee's Success Story Against All Odds

They say little things go a long way. Your most insignificant move can have a significant impact on someone's life. So, how do you use this power? Our today's feature

I Didn't Let Asthma Stop Me From Pursuing My Passion For Music And Marketing - Aaditya Kaul, InsideIIM's Best 50

We all have these passions and interests that we want to pursue. But, then life throws us in various situations and we end up not pursuing them. For today's feature

Can You Really Manage An Operations Internship From Home? Ft. Summer Interns, Tata Steel

For IIM Indore student Ipsita Manna and SIBM Pune student Udit Khorwal, the work from a home internship with Tata Steel news came as a pretty disheartening one. Ipsita, being

How Can You Completely Change Your Career Profile In A B-School

So, you slogged through torturous graduation years to land up on the much-needed job and had a moment of contentment. Soon enough, you start slogging through the office as well

From Lacking Confidence To Making It To IIM Calcutta, Here's My Journey | Ft. Kirti

Clearing CAT is a different journey, and clearing the interviews is a different hurdle all together! My best call was IIM Calcutta; I was happy for about 10mins after I

How I Aced CAT 2019 QA After A Failed Attempt In CAT 2017 | Anushka Singh

No, this is not a clickbait. I truly went from a 30’s something percentile in quant section in CAT 2017 to a 97 percentile in CAT 2019. Now before you

Journey To The Most Potential & Untapped Rural Market Of India | Parth Panchal, IRMA

"CAT is not just an Exam, But It's the gateway to your Completely Transformed Life Journey."Ignition of Spark To Write CATDuring my undergraduation, I have participated in many competitions and

Are Indian Graduates Unemployable? The Indian Millennial Problem | DEKODED, Ep 2

Millennials as we know it has seen a lot over the years. The job-hopping, Instagram loving, YOLO philosophy believer millennials are often regarded as a generation that is ‘entitled’ and