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Can You Really Manage An Operations Internship From Home? Ft. Summer Interns, Tata Steel

For IIM Indore student Ipsita Manna and SIBM Pune student Udit Khorwal, the work from a home internship with Tata Steel news came as a pretty disheartening one. Ipsita, being

How To Build A Career In Sports Ft Srinivvasan G, CEO, Sporjo, Ex BCCI, Ex Nike

Dreaming of a career in sports? Contrary to popular belief, a career in sports doesn’t necessarily mean being a ‘sportsperson’. There are several lucrative roles in the field of sports

FORE Executive (PGDM) PGPX: A Programme That Builds On Work Experience

Management Programmes For Experienced Candidates

It Was A Relief To See Our Internships Not Get Canceled, Ft. Tata Steel Summer Interns 2020

This summer, MBA students across the country saw a very different picture than what they had previously. With the pandemic forcing everything to shut down, physical internships were out of

Work From Home Summer Internship Helped Us Be Future-Ready, Ft. ABG GIP 2020 Batch

Across sectors, HR as a profession has seen a massive added responsibility in the COVID world that we are living in. From making sure that the employees are in their

Reality Of Marketing Visible In Stores, Not Excel Sheets, Ft. Varun S, Category Head, Nestlé

Imagine working in the same company for 9 long years in an age and time where everything comes with an expiry date. This is what Varun’s relationship with the FMCG

How Marketing Interns Made The Best Out Of Their Work From Home Internships | Tata Steel

Imagine working on a marketing project during your internship and not being able to go out and talk to your stakeholders, or meet them personally to know the pulse of

Students From IIM A, B And C Share Their Summer Internship Stories, Ft. ABG GIP 2020 Batch

What happens when students from IIM A, B, and C sit for a chat around their internship journey within ABG? A lot of untold stories, a deep dive into their