How To Choose Your B-school Wisely

MBA today is a popular career option. Students tend to check about the top b-schools before zeroing-in on one of their choices. A good college makes way for a good career and also shapes up a person’s thought, belief and attitude towards their work, resulting in a bright future ahead. Below are few guidelines that are mentioned to help you choose the best for you.

Placement: Getting placed in a reputed company with a decent salary and the sector of interest is of utmost importance. For that, go through the placement list of the respective B-School. A glance at the number and also the quality of placements like the companies that visit the school campus and their reputation. For specialization, go through the company job profile to get the overall view of the nature of work. See to it that the company is well-known for the field of your choice and that fair number of students have been recruited in it from the school in the past.

Brand: A brand name is created after years of hard-work to create a rich brand name. The students passing out of the branded b-school are designed for the reputed companies as per their requirement of talent and work power. It is always recommended to join a well-known business school for an easy path to reputed companies in future.

Faculty: They are the creators of the students walking out of the school. They are responsible for the brand created by the b-school. It is advisable to check out if the B-school has distinguished, full-time and qualified faculty to give full-time attention to the students. Try finding out the ratio between the full- time faculty and the visiting faculty. The faculty is the prime factor for providing quality education to the students and also to provide continuous educational support to bring out the best in them.

Fee: It is an important criterion as it is the ROI (Return on Investment) that counts while making the payment for admissions. A good educational environment with well-to-do placement brings you the right ROI. This gives you the value of money. These days, there are also banks that provide educational loan on easy terms and fulfil the requirement of completing your operating expenses of the course.

Infrastructure: After enrolling in the school, it is the institute where students have to spend their two years. Hence, infrastructure is also an important factor apart from faculty, brand, and fees. The campus should be student-friendly and have all good facilities in the classrooms, library, cafeteria, labs, and hostel, including Internet connectivity, Wi-Fi and so on. It makes it essential for the students to visit the campus at least once before admission process.

Approval: All India Council should approve any institution which is offering an MBA for Technical Education (AICTE). There are some B-schools which are offering MBA or equivalent courses which are not approved by AICTE.

Affiliation: B-schools are either affiliated with a university or are autonomous. Both the categories have their respective advantages and disadvantages. In case of MBA, universities have strong foundation whereas, autonomous colleges have the freedom to function the college themselves by updating the syllabi as per the need of the industry, on a regular basis.

Industry linkage: This gives you an opportunity to an industrial exposure apart from the textual knowledge and helps you to expand your practical knowledge in the tenure of two years. Linkages with industries help in ensuring that students obtain knowledge-enhancing internships as well as live projects with reputed companies. These live projects help in acquiring the desired job in future as well.

Location: The location of the B-school is a very important aspect and it should be close to the education hubs, industry, and policy-making bodies. Institutes in top metro cities are the top choice due to the presence of industrial houses belonging to various sectors.

International exposure: Many of the Institutes tie-up with the foreign universities to provide international exposure to their students. These will be advantageous while looking for career opportunities abroad.

Harshad Patel

Harshad Patel is a part of student team for InsideIIM and a member of the admissions committee at KJ SIMSR, Mumbai. He is a B.E. Mechanical graduate of M.B.M. Engineering College, Jodhpur.