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How To Be Future Workplace Ready?

The pandemic has shown the businesses and occupations around the globe that change is the only constant. Digital transformation has led to many innovations and has fastened the process of

Blooming Careers In Finance - The Silver Lining Of The Pandemic Ft. K J Somaiya Institute of Management

Are you looking to specialise in Finance but aren’t sure how the pandemic has impacted the sector and how its future would be? This live webinar is an exclusive opportunity

Make Your Passion, Your Profession - Careers in Sports Management Ft. K J Somaiya Institute of Management

The sports industry is nearly half a trillion-dollar industry worldwide. In India, it is one of the fastest-growing spaces owing to the entry of new leagues like IPL, ISL, ProKabaddi

The Healthcare Revolution in Business Education

Healthcare has emerged as a niche sector today due to the Covid-19 pandemic and has come to the rescue of humanity. Digital transformations planned to be implemented over the next

Meet InsideIIM’s Best 50 - Class of 2018-20 | A Compilation

Every year, at InsideIIM, we endeavor to select the Best 50 - The Most Employable Graduates of their year. This year too, we conducted the Best 50 Survey. We floated

I Gave Up My Promotion Just To Do An MBA - Harshvardhan's Journey To Success Against All Odds

Life is all about giving and taking. You give up on something, and chances are you get something more fruitful in return. But, what happens when the stakes are too

Effective Transition From Work Life To Student Life

The first job is one of the most beautiful things in a student’s life, the transition you will go through will totally transform you from the core. With the ups

How B-School Committees Make You Job Ready

Are you part of any committee in your B-school? Did you know that committees function just like a real corporate body? From an organisation, to communication, to teamwork and leadership