How I Chose To Come To IIM U – RVS Soumya

I am RVS Soumya, a student of PGP 1st year at IIM Udaipur. I would like to introduce myself before telling why and how I chose IIM Udaipur because a person’s values, ambitions, and decisions are related to the place he/she decides to be. Fortunately, I lived across different locations in India and explored a lot of things, and it has helped me to build a cosmopolitan view. I have always believed in mutual respect and development; I am ambitious, I set my goals high and try my best to achieve them. I am a creative person, and different arts attract me a lot.

When I converted most of my calls, and even before I did the analysis based on data I wanted to come to Udaipur. I had many reasons for the same.

I went through the site and observed the activities, and it enticed me.

Faculties and visiting faculties were brilliant.

I liked the core values of IIM Udaipur which are Excellence, Integrity, Transparency, Mutual Respect, Environmental consciousness/ecological sustainability and now I can see as a community we truly abide by them.

Many students, who couldn’t get old IIM’s even after getting high percentiles, choose to come to Udaipur because of its growth and our director Mr. Janat Shah. He has a vision, and he shares a strong bond with industry stalwarts, which is beneficial for students.

I thought the city is beautiful, but the campus is no less, it is like being in the lap of nature, surrounded by mountains, welcoming rains every day, a stroll around the campus would be refreshing.

I knew people, who told even if IIM Udaipur is a new IIM but it has set its standards high, and it is continuously growing, and most importantly the planning is realistic.

I believed that students of IIM Udaipur want to do their best to be a building block of this college, to be the support pillars and I wanted to do the same. A system of mutual growth was there, and because of all these reasons I choose to come to IIM Udaipur, and I am very fortunate to be a part of IIM Udaipur family.

Which ABG company would he/she wants to work for and why?

Fashion is something that will never go out of fashion and apart from this ABG does so much for women who are a part of ABG. Hence, I want to be a part of

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