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Virtual Internships: Path To Build Your Brand In The MBA Space

Hello, Managers-in-the-making! When you join a B-School, you shouldn’t just overwhelm yourself with academics, party, fun, night outs etc. but also look beyond them and focus on your wholesome development

Goodbye To Coffee King Mr VG Siddhartha: Thank You For A Lot That Happened Over Coffee

"Café Coffee Day is not just another café for most of us, especially for a coffee lover like me it’s an emotion." It was the summer of 2008 when I shifted

Draping me - Amit Jaiswal IIM, Udaipur

Aditya Birla Group has presence over multiple sectors namely Banking and Financial services, Chemical, Fibre and Textile, Fashion and Retail, Research and Technology, Mining and Cement, Telecommunication and what not.

ABG: The "Big" League- Nishant Sinha, IIM Udaipur

The small things which make up our day-to-day often go unnoticed by us. These small things add up to something "Big in our life". Recently I felt the connection I

ABG: The Resolved Mystery – Pulkit Gupta, IIM Udaipur

Long-long ago (a few years actually), around my early adulthood days, I was still unable to find clothes for the abode of my mind, aka my thin body. I and

How Aditya Birla Group helped me create a home away from home - Suraksha Bhat, IIM Udaipur

I was 17 when I had to face the daunting task of moving away from home for my higher studies. Having spent my entire childhood in a small-town bustling with

BIRLA BUILDING U- Aniket Singh, IIM Udaipur

 A DOCUMENTARY IN THE MAKING SCENE: 1SHOT: 1The year was 2007. A family moves to Meerut after having served in the Indian Air Force with dreams of living in a house

Album title - Aditya Birla Group and me - Abhishek Pandey, IIM U

As people, we go through a lot during our life. We study, get jobs and move to new places. Get new friends, get dumped by girlfriends and try to stand