TAS is the flagship leadership development programme that grooms high potential talent for challenging leadership positions within the Tata group. Established by JRD Tata in 1956, it offers cross-functional opportunities

TBLA 2019

Do you have what it takes to take home the coveted Tata Business Leadership Award (TBLA)? If you are a creative thinker, possess business acumen and are infused with an entrepreneurial spirit, then this could be just the platform for you. Making headlines since 2002, TBLA is a case competition that invites Group employees, to solve real-time critical business challenges relevant to the Tata Group. The contemporary themes can help you gain insight into some of the latest concepts, industry trends, and company challenges while providing access to the top leadership of the Group. If you think you have what it takes to think innovatively and provide cutting edge solutions, then let TBLA be the catalyst that takes you to the next level of excellence!


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