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The FanTAStic Quiz 2023 : And The Winners Are...

The FanTAStic Quiz Season 2 came to an end recently with over 9 thousand b-school students across the country taking part. They solved the eight quizzes and the Kampus Quiz

Strengthening Leadership Through The Power Of Storytelling

TAS took its young leaders on an enlightening and engaging experience in the Art of Business Storytelling Program. Get to know what the program was about and what the participants

Registrations For TAS In-House Are Open, Apply Now!

Tune in to read TAS manager Satyajit Rout's journey to TAS and his valuable learnings from his international stints through the in-house program. Start your career with TAS by registering

What Does It Take To Be A TAS Manager? Ft. Megha B

Curious about what traits are essential to become a TAS manager? Here are some insights by  Megha Bindal. Swipe to read the entire checklist.

My TAS In-House Experience I Ft. Varun S, TAS Batch 2019

Varun Shankaran applied for TAS In-house in 2019 and has been part of this community since then. Tune in to hear some of the experiences and highlights of the TAS

Wondering How To Prepare For The TAS Selection Process?

Wondering how to prepare for the TAS selection process? We've got you covered! Here are some important tips by our very own TAS manager, Megha Bindal. Swipe till the end

TAS Is Delighted To Welcome 33 Students In March '22!

TAS is delighted to welcome 33 students to TAS in March '22! A 56-day long summer internship awaits these young minds for an enriching and inspiring experience. TAS is Looking

Experience While Working On Community Stint Project I Ft. TAS Manager Fathima S

Get to know TAS manager Fathima S Hussain's experience while working on her community stint project. Find out what she discovered and her role in tackling this issue.

What goes into an effective decision making process? Ft. TAS Manager Vasundhara N

What goes into an effective decision making process? Find out this and more in an insightful article written by TAS manager, Vasundhara Narang.Every decision we make is a shift from

13 Game Changing Ideas - TATA Imagination Challenge 2021 Winners

We're extremely proud to announce the winners of the 2021 Tata Imagination Challenge. The idea fest received over 85,000 registrations from more than 4,800 campuses and Tata companies. Check the