On Culture And Campus Life At IIM Raipur

It’s just been 20 days coming into IIM Raipur, even though the admissions are still going on, it feels like months. I have started to meet people from all over the country. Given we are still in a temporary campus, it’s a much-closed environment that gives us a lot of chance to interact with a lot of people, be it seniors or juniors. The pool of students here is so diverse, there is ample opportunity to know about different things, views, and stories.

For the very short time we have been here, the first years haven’t had much to do, but the seniors have really taken up the task to show us what it’s like coming into a B-school. They have been strict, actually, they are still strict and stern in the way they do things relating to the first years. They started making us do things the hard way and also dealing with us the hard way. All the activities be it ice-breaking sessions, the recent Eid celebrations or any other club/committee interaction sessions. They are fun but with added seriousness. It’s being serious in a professional way which is something that I haven’t seen before.  I personally feel that even though this becomes annoying at times, it is really effective to make the first year’s transit and start adapting to the requirements of a B-school. I really appreciate the way the seniors took it to themselves to set up things for us.

The culture of a B-school depends on its students, we are just 8 years old and it’s really important for us as a community to establish our own culture. The student community works towards the same goal and the seniors are passing on the baton to us. The way the students feel towards this college is unique in its own way and nowhere to be compared with other colleges. It’s just the beginning and I wish and hope to know more, learn more and grow more from everyone here. The amazing two years await.


Which ABG company would you like to work for and why?

Given an opportunity, I would like to secure a job from ‘Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd’. ABFRL has many of the leading apparel brands in the market and having to manage their brand and operations would be something I would look forward to. My academic interest lies in supply chain and strategic management, so I believe that ABFRL would be where I would find my interests aligned and it would also give me a great opportunity to work, learn and grow as a corporate professional. Working with a reputed company like ABG will be a great value addition to my career.


Giridhar P is a first year student at IIM Raipur.