Decoding the CAT 2014 Paper Pattern – Live Chat with ARKS Srinivas at 9:00 pm on 27th August 2014

We had given you a primer about the changes in the process and the examination for CAT 2014 in this article. Apart from procedural changes like exclusively online purchase of vouchers, and more important ones like the reduction in the number of time slots, there are also several changes in the CAT 2014 paper pattern that have already been spelled out. Some of these include no sectional time limits, increase in the duration of the exam, and increase in the number of questions.

A lot of these changes would have created significant anxiety among all MBA aspirants. In our continuing quest to provide the very best guidance to our readers, we are organizing a Live Chat with ARKS Srinivas on Wednesday 27th August 2014 at 9:00 pm.

This Live Chat is aimed at clearing all your doubts pertaining to CAT 2014, in view of the new Paper Pattern. Ask ARKS about adjustments to test taking strategies, which  sections should you focus on, and about the trade-off between accuracy and attempts – this is going to be a critical aspect in your test-taking strategy. You can also ask him from tips for verbal wizardry to questions on quantitative conundrums. This is the third in our series of Live Chats for CAT, and we advise you to make the best use of it. (Read the previous LiveChat with ARKS Srinivas here and the abridged transcripts here. Our earlier LiveChat with Hemang Panchmatia is available here and the abridged transcripts are available here).

What you need to participate in this LIVE Chat –

1- Queries on CAT 2014 (the new paper pattern, test taking strategies etc.)

2- General Queries on Verbal, Quant, for CAT, XAT, GMAT etc

3- An account on InsideIIM.  Register here, if you don’t have it already

4- A good net connection

5- and Patience, all your Queries will get answered for sure :).

The live chat will take place at InsideIIM LIVE.

About ARKS Srinivas

ARKS is a household name in test-prep circles. He is the CEO of VistaMind Education and he is a director of Vanguard Business School. In his avatar as test-prep coach with VistaMind and earlier with T.I.M.E, he has safely guided countless students into their dream B schools. He is an alumnus of IIM Calcutta.

You can read some of his earlier articles on InsideIIM.

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