Dream Big And Make It Happen In IIM Trichy

Why and how did you choose IIM Trichy?

In life you face many difficult decisions and choosing a B-School is one of them. This is one of those decisions that would have an impact on your career and life. I was among the privileged ones who got a choice to choose from a few premier B-Schools of India.  Just like most of the students, I was confused about where to go for my Post Graduation in Management. I was aware that to reach a decision I would need to come up with a plan.

The plan was simple, research as much as you can about the institutes from where I got offers. Talk to the current students and alumni of the colleges. I analyzed from all possible ways to reach the conclusion to join IIM Trichy. After going through the details about IIM Trichy on its website, I started to believe even as a second generation IIM; it is growing at a very rapid pace.

Now, since it was a decision about my career I had to make sure from all possible sources that IIM Trichy is the way to go. I met with some of my seniors in a city meet with all my queries, I checked with some of the alumni as well and started to feel more and more confident about joining IIM Trichy. My biggest worry was about my 3.5 years of work experience. Will I get good opportunities here? Will I be able to change my domain if I wanted to? Will I be able to leverage my work experience to secure similar opportunities? All these questions were answered by IIM Trichy’s current and past students.

All the things I got to know about IIM Trichy through various sources helped me reach my decision. My future goals aligned with the opportunities that are provided by IIM Trichy. Apart from this, the institute is also achieving new heights daily. The kind of network I will have at my disposal would help me in my career ahead. I hope to learn and grow with IIM Trichy and contribute towards its success.

Which Aditya Birla Group company would you want to work for and why?

I would like to work for Aditya Birla Retail Limited. I have previously worked as a SAP.SCM.SD consultant i.e. Supply chain management in sales and distribution. I have the experience in maintaining the supply chain from starting from the manufacturer to the end customer. My work aligns with what ABRL does. A part of the company’s job is to ensure that the manufacturing, storage, distribution and sales of food adhere to the highest quality standard. I believe I can add value to the company and keep up with its motto “Quality 1st”.

IIM Trichy Placement Team

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