Executive MBA At IIM Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta

Executive MBA opportunities in India are the best option for anyone with more than 4-5 years of work experience to advance in their careers.

Therefore, if you are someone who has piled-up work experience and are looking for a great MBA opportunity within India, then IIM’s Executive MBA program is there to help you out in case you have a work experience of more than 4-5 years. The Post Graduate Programme in Management, specially designed for persons with high work-experience, is a 1-year full-time residential programme which has credibility in terms of career progression along with low opportunity cost.

Let’s seek deeper into the nitty-gritty of the Executive MBA courses of the top 3 IIMs of the country i.e. IIM – Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Calcutta one by one –

Difference Between Executive MBA At IIM A, IIM B, IIM C

Executive MBA At IIM Ahmedabad –

Executive MBA IIM A

The PGPX (Post Graduate Programme for Executives in Management) of IIM A is a highly coveted programme which has been top ranked by Financial Times and The Economist in terms of career progression and career opportunities respectively. The details of this programme are-

  1. Educational Qualification – The applying candidate should be a graduate is the sole education qualification for this programme.
  2. Work Experience – The minimum work experience required at the time of applying to this programme keeps varying between 4-5 years but as of now, it has been kept to a minimum of 4 years. For the batch of 2018-19, average work-ex is around 8-9 years.
  3. Age eligibility – This parameter also keeps hanging between 25-27 years as the minimum age criteria for enrolling in this programme but as of now the minimum age requirement is 25 years. It is worth noting here that for 2018-19 batch, the average age is 32 years.
  4. Entrance exam – Unlike 2 year PGDM, PGPX requires GMAT/GRE as the entrance test. Besides, GMAT/GRE score used by the candidate must not be older than 5 years from the date of applying while a GMAT score of around 700 is sufficient for securing a call!
  5. Selection Procedure – The registration window for enrolling into this programme opens twice a year, one around April last (Round-1) and the other around September beginning (Round-2) with an application fee of Rs. 5000 for Round-1 and Rs. 7500 for Round-2. The shortlisted candidates then have to appear for personal interviews and essay writing after which the selected candidates join the course from April onwards.
  6. Programme peculiarities – This course in IIM A is divided into 6 terms with the 3rd term being reserved solely for international immersion wherein the students get a chance to study in reputed international colleges.
  7. Fees – The fee charged for this course is heavy with the total fees for the 1-year course amounting to Rs. 27 lakhs while extra 2-3 lakhs are to be given by students for international immersion.
  8. Placements – The mean salary hovers around 24 LPA which includes one-time joining bonus of around 2-3 lakhs. Majority of placements are absorbed by the IT and manufacturing/engineering sector.

Executive MBA At IIM Bangalore –

Executive MBA IIM B

IIM B’s executive MBA programme, called EPGP (Executive Post Graduate Programme in Management), is a prestigious programme in the field of management education, which is reflected by this programme’s FT Global B-School ranking being under top 35.

  1. Educational Qualification – Graduation in any discipline with 50% marks is what is required for EPGP of IIM B.
  2. Work Experience – A minimum of 5 years of work experience is required to become eligible for this programme while the average work-ex of current batch is around 7 years which is less than that of IIM A’s PGPX.
  3. Age Eligibility – There is no such minimum age criteria for this programme but the average age of the batch for this programme generally hovers around 29 years.
  4. Entrance Examination – Just like IIM A’s PGPX, IIM B’s EPGP also requires GMAT score with the average GMAT score being around 710. Also, the score for GMAT should not be older than 5 years on the date of submission of application.
  5. Selection Procedure – There are two rounds of application submission, with one in June (Round 1) while the other one being in September (Round 2) with the application fees being Rs. 3000 and Rs. 5000 respectively. The interested candidates need to submit an SOP and 2 references along with valid GMAT/GRE scores in their applications. Based on this, the candidates are being shortlisted and then further rounds of personal interview and essay writing are being conducted.
  6. Programme peculiarities – Along with international immersion, there are several other unique experiences features of EPGP like Shiksha initiative which is an Alumni mentoring experience.
  7. Fees – The total programme fees are Rs. 20 lakhs + taxes for Indian national and $ 49,950 + taxes for foreign nationals. Also, the expenses for the international immersion has to be borne by the students themselves and are not included in the fees.
  8. Placement – The average salary for the recent batches has been around Rs. 20 LPA while the highest salary has been around Rs. 65 LPA.

Executive MBA At IIM Calcutta –

Executive MBA IIM C

IIM Calcutta’s Executive MBA program called PGPEX (Post Graduate Programme for Executives) is another reputed 1-year course for people with high work experience. Being the first B-School in the country to be triple accredited by the top management accreditation agencies of the world, IIM C’s PGPEX is a globally renowned course for executives who pursue management education.

  1. Educational Qualification – A graduation degree along with a valid GMAT score (within 3 years of applying) is sufficient to be eligible for this programme.
  2. Work Experience – A minimum of 5 years of work experience is required for applying to this programme.
  3. Age Eligibility – Like IIM B’s executive MBA programme, PGPEX also does not require any predefined age criteria.
  4. Entrance examination – A GMAT score of within 3 years of the date of applying for the programme is required for applying to this programme and the average GMAT score hovers around 700 on an average for a PGPEX batch.
  5. Selection procedure – SOP, recommendations, work experience and GMAT score are used for shortlisting the candidates after which personal interview scores are added to previously stated parameters for final selection.
  6. Programme peculiarities – A unique feature of IIM C’s PGPEX is the wide range of electives offered and because of this reason, this programme is widely popular among individuals with diverse work experience. Along with this, there is an international immersion programme in which the students get a chance to visit the USA and Europe.
  7. Fees – The current fees are Rs. 22 lakhs which includes the foreign immersion programme as well and which makes IIM C’s PGPEX as the cheapest executive management programme among the holy trinity!
  8. Placement – The placement has been a little variable over the past years with last three PGPEX batches having received an average salary of Rs. 24.45 LPA, Rs. 20.14 LPA and Rs. 25.33 LPA.

With this, we come to the end of our article with the hope that above reports will guide you in making an informed decision with respect to career progression via management education!

Shobhit Dwivedi

Shobhit Dwivedi- B.Tech, HBTI Kanpur



Akash Singh

Would like to mention here the case of special PGPEx program of IIM Shillong. This is also a niche course covering the scope of opportunities of the Asian geography and focuses on managing business in China and India. The course is in its 6th year with admissions going on for 7th batch and has produced some wonderful alumni in a very short span.


Executive MBA may not be an wise option if you are more than 12+ years of exp. Domain change becomes almost impossible, salary hike will also not be significant as the person should be drawing hefty salary already, consulting is out of scope as most of the top consulting firms prefer to groom young graduates. So options are less and thus huge investment including opportunity cost may not be worthy. Please let me know your thoughts about people going for one year MBA with much higher experience.