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Changing Trends In The World Of Business Ft. Rajesh Srivastava

Continuing the conversation, an IIM Bangalore alum and a corporate trainer Rajesh Srivastava talk further about the changing paradigm of business in the world. From changing definition of sales, different

How To Crack Your MBA Interviews Ft. IIM Interview Experiences

IIM A, B, C and L, I, K are most people’s dream b-schools. With so much competition and tough selection criteria, getting shortlisted for BLACKI institutes is no mean feat.

Unmaad '20 - 9 Reasons To Attend the Cultural Festival of IIM Bangalore

India’s biggest B-school festival, Unmaad, is the annual cultural fest of IIM Bangalore and is now at its 22nd edition. Unmaad has seen various themes in each passing year and

99.97 Percentiler's Recommended Reading List Of Interview Experiences To Crack IIM Interviews | Part 2

I hope you found Part 1 of this series of the recommended readings useful and to further aid your preparation here goes my list of interview experiences across the various

How Uber, Netflix, Amazon Drive Our Habits And Behaviour | Ft. Rajesh Srivastava, IIM Bangalore Alum

We all must have heard the famous saying, ‘Change is the only constant’. Well, this applies to business as well and the rules of businesses are constantly shifting with the

How I Cracked The IIM Ahmedabad Interview Process - Aayush Gupta, IIM A

Imagine getting calls from IIM A, IIM B and IIM C. Wait, how? And what next? Well, if you’re lucky enough to get shortlisted for what are probably the top

IIM Bangalore Summer Placements 2019 | MBA Class of 2019-2021 | Unverified Report

IIM Bangalore has successfully completed summer placements for its MBA batch of 2019-2021. The IIM B summer placements process saw participation from preeminent recruiters across various industries, with the highest

Is Your Academic Profile Good Enough For The Top Six IIMs? Here's What Data Has To Say

Throughout the year, we are inundated with questions from tense and eager CAT aspirants around profile evaluation, target CAT scores, and B-school call predictions - "Is there any chance of getting