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IIM Bangalore Students Share Last-Minute Tips For CAT 2020

Preparing for CAT can get daunting after a while. When times get tough, it is often helpful to read about the experiences of those who have been through it before.

From 53%ile In QA A Week Before CAT To IIM Bangalore | Ft. Pallavi Beniwal

Hello, I am Pallavi Beniwal and currently, I am pursuing the 2-year PGP at IIM Bangalore. I hope my experience and strategies will help and motivate you in the last

IIM Bangalore's International Annual Business Summit | Vista 2020

Vista! Meaning ‘a pleasing view’ stands true to its name at the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, popularly known as IIMB.

How I Cracked CAT On My 2nd Attempt While Working At JP Morgan, Ft. Kritika Mittal, IIM B

Kritika Mittal graduated with a B.E. in Computer Science from Thapar University and got a job as an analyst in JP Morgan. After a couple years of working here, Kritika

My Mentor Told Me, “Never Sell Products, Sell Solutions” - Sasi Kumar Veluchamy, Sales & Marketing Intern, Mahindra AFS, IIM B

Imagine doing a Sales & Marketing internship from home. Sounds strange, doesn’t it? But that’s what you have to do when there’s a global pandemic disrupting the world. This year,

IIM Bangalore's Selection Criteria Out, 90% Employers Want To Hire MBAs In 2021 | MBA News, Ep. 22

After a long wait, IIM Bangalore has finally released its latest selection criteria for admission to its PGP batch of 2023, and a new IIM has made its mark by

IIM Bangalore To Give Profile More Weight Than CAT 2020 Score | IIM-B's Latest Admission Policy

IIM Bangalore has released its latest admission policy for admission to the MBA batch of 2021-2023. IIM Bangalore continues to be one of the few IIMs to give majority weight

Don't Get Too Attached To Mock Percentiles | IIM Bangalore, 99.87%ile, Charandeep Bagga

Charandeep Bagga is currently studying at IIM Bangalore. His 10th CGPA is 10  and  12th  - 96.46%. He completed his Mechanical Engineering from IIT Kharagpur with 9.11 CGPA. He scored