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Guesstimate Challenge | Crack Your Dream Career With Top Consulting Firms!

“Consulting Guesstimate - Estimate the number of orders delivered by Zomato per hour.”

McDonald's Supply Chain Decoded | Certificate Program In Supply Chain Management

When we say McDonald’s, what’s the first thing that pops into your mind? For most of us, it's crispy, salty, crunchy, French Fries. Yum. And you just can’t stop at

Digital Marketing Careers & Salaries In India - Decoded

Remember the pre-internet days when advertising was carried out via television, billboards, and radio advertisements? Door to door sales and word of mouth publicity also played a vital role in

IIM Calcutta Selection Criteria 2022: Engineers Eligible for Diversity Points

The IIM Calcutta selection criteria document for 2022 is out! This year, engineers are eligible for some diversity points in IIM Calcutta's selection process. But there's a catch.

A Structured Approach To Crack Consulting Case Interview Questions

"How do I approach case interviews?" is probably a question that’s come up in your path as an aspiring consultant. The intimidating case interview is commonly used during the interview

21 Data Analytics Interview Questions You Should Prepare For

Job Interviews! We can assure you that they’re not everyone’s cup of tea and most of us were thrown off guard either by a tough question or by unawareness of

Not Being Fixated On CAT Helped Me Get Into JBIMS Ft. Aditya Chandak, CMAT AIR 24, JBIMS

In a desire to make it to a top B-school in the country, many times aspirants consider it the only resort but this is definitely not the case. There are

Essential Tips You Must Know During Your CAT Prep Journey Ft. Shaney M., FMS Delhi, 99.51%ile

CAT prep journey is one of ups and downs. To sail through it, aspirants should have the right perspective and approach towards the exams which gets built by avoiding and