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Data Analytics Quiz | Do You Have What It Takes To Earn 20% More?

LinkedIn reports that 2 out of the top 5 in-demand skills consist of Data Analytics & Visualisation skills. There’s a great boom in the use of analytics; having the ability

From Scoring Single-Digit In DILR To 99.64%ile In CAT 2021 | Shivam Nakod, IIM B Co'24

I hail from the city of Amravati in Maharashtra. Born and brought up in my hometown, I did my engineering at the Government College of Engineering, Amravati. Ardent LinkedIn networking

5 Great Digital Marketing Campaigns & Why They Score So High!

Marketing is often seen as an art than a science but to see through the lens of millions of consumers and to understand what their inherent and unsaid motivations and

Breaking Down Supply Chain Management | A Domain That You Think You Knew But Didn’t

Supply Chains have existed since the very first product or service was produced and sold. Since then, making Supply Chain Management a strategic priority has been one of the best

Workshop Details | Register For Eximius, IIM Bangalores's Entrepreneurship and Innovation Summit

Eximius, IIM Bangalores's Entrepreneurship and Innovation summit, is one of the most celebrated festivals hosted in the Indian B-school community. Eximius is an expression for excellence, a platform and opportunity

Konversations Cafe Online Is Back To Help You Find Your Dream Career Opportunities. Register Now

Konversations Cafe Online is back with yet another edition. This time with a company that we have all grown up with; Tata Play.

Why I Received 0 Calls Despite 99.41%ile In My First CAT Attempt- Sayan, CAT' 21 99.94%ile, IIM A Co'24

Sayan Ganguly comes from a small town called Bankura in West Bengal. From his surname only, I think you have guessed his nickname in college it's 'Dada' of course! He

All India Open CAT 2022 Mock Test | In Association With TIWYS (Formerly Takshzila)

The mock-taking phase for CAT 2022 has begun & we're sure your preparation is going on in full swing. More than attempting the mock tests analyzing them, trying different strategies,