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Salary Package Is Meaningless If You Don't Enjoy Your Work Ft. Nitin Sharma | Konversations Cafe S04

“The sharper the ax, the faster it cuts. The more skilled you are, the better you perform” Nitin Sharma, Senior Program Manager at Tata Communications, New Delhi.Nitin Sharma had 5

IIM Shillong Versus SIBM Pune - Which Business School Is Better For You?

IIM Shillong and SIBM Pune are two of India's finest management institutes, and have both been ranked amongst India's top-20 business schools in 2020. Though they are closely ranked, which

I Didn’t Know What Consulting Was When I Started MBA - Anirudh Tara, MD And Partner, BCG, IIM C

“Every 2 years in consulting is equal to 6 years outside,” says Anirudh Tara, Director & Partner, BCG India, IIM Calcutta Alum. In Konversations Cafe Season 4, Anirudh Tara talks

How To Crack The Analytical Writing Assessment Section In GMAT | AWA In GMAT

Are you preparing for GMAT? You know that GMAT has one section called Analytical Writing Assessment, aka ‘the Essay’. You’ve probably written a ton of essays since your school days,

How To Crack The IR Section In GMAT | GMAT Integrated Reasoning Tips

Planning on taking GMAT soon? How are you preparing for it? Have you already figured out a strategy? How do you intend to tackle the different sections of GMAT? Each

Help Us Help You Crack Your MBA Interview Process

As we said, help us help you! We know that you are working hard and preparing to get into your dream B-school. And for that, we want to help you

CAT 99.97 Percentiler's Recommended Reading List To Crack IIM Interviews | Part 1

It’s that time of the year when lakhs of students aim to make their way through to their dream institutes to pursue an MBA. The only hurdle remaining in their

99.97 Percentiler's Recommended Reading List Of Interview Experiences To Crack IIM Interviews | Part 2

I hope you found Part 1 of this series of the recommended readings useful and to further aid your preparation here goes my list of interview experiences across the various