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Future Homes Might Not Have Kitchens Ft. Rahul Gadi, Zomato | Konversations in Quarantine

Continuing his talk, Rahul Gadi tells us of his experience in Zomato, and what his role of Head - Regional Growth comprises of. He talks of positive growth, what it

Important COVID-19 Update - You Can Now Take The GMAT And GRE Online At Home

The global lock down on account of COVID-19 has made GRE and GMAT test takers across the world anxious, with most expecting the exams to be cancelled. However GMAC and

Why IIM Bangalore? - Live Webinar With IIM Bangalore Students On B-School Selection

The Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, is a part of the holy trinity of IIMs - IIMs Bangalore, Calcutta & Ahmedabad. Along with its 2 IIM counterparts and ISB Hyderabad,

IIM Kozhikode - PGP LSM | All You Need To Know

All you need to know about PGP Liberal Studies and Management by IIM Kozhikode!A GOLDEN RULE: WHEN IN DOUBT, CONTACT ADMISSIONS OFFICE

What's Trending Today? | Popular Articles Of The Day In One Place!

We understand that you must be getting a barrage of content thrown at you these days. Hence, we decided to make things a little easier. Get all our trending articles

We Lost A Lot Of Money, But The Learnings Were Worth It Ft. Rahul Gadi, Regional Growth Head, Zomato

Rahul Gadi, currently Head - Regional Growth at Zomato, MICA alum, always wanted a good career, and so he decided to do CA. However, after clearing the first two levels,

In Conversation With Mahafrid Billimoria, TAS | India's Top Campus Recruiters

Campus Recruiters are the first people you meet even before you join a company. They are the ones you have to prove your mettle before you can even begin your

Feeling Bored? Here Are 4 Things You Can Do To Improve Your CV During The Coronavirus Quarantine

Coronavirus has brought the world to a stand-still, and predictions for when government and self-imposed quarantines will end are ambiguous at best. In other words, we don't know how long