Final Frontier with Deepali Naair 2015 – High Quality Interview Training

Final Frontier with Deepali Naair 2015 – High Quality Interview Training for Bright Candidates who wish to join Top Business Schools in India and abroad.

This is our 4th Year with Deepali and the response has been overwhelming. Also, the results have been stupendous.

This is an highly specialized one-on-one interview training experience with Deepali Naair at her residence in Mumbai. However, the presence of the candidate in Mumbai for majority time of the course delivery is necessary.

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Testimonials : Success Stories of Deepali Naair

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Transcript :

“Why is an interview so important? Why do business schools across the world use it as a means to select candidates for their course?

Let’s understand from their perspective. they are hiring future managers, they are hiring future CEOs, they are hiring future CXOs . What you need to do as future managers, CEOs, CXOs, you need to engage in a lot of dialogue within  the corporate organisations , you need to engage in a lot of dialogue even if you are an entrepreneur and they want to know your ability to dialogue. They know you by your form, they know you by your academic scores, they know you by your profile that you have put down before them but they don’t know you from your ability of communication. That is what they want to judge. Its not just a simple ability of saying what you prepare, its the ability to be able to react to a situation, to be able to react to the cross questioning that they put across you, its the ability that you demonstrate that whether you can do consensus building in organisations in the future and its the ability somewhere of your maturity that you demonstrate during an interview. So they make you react to situations, ask you questions to figure out also the consistency with the essays that you have put down. If you have said that you are an X kind of person and by making you react to a situation they actually judge whether you are that kind of a person or not. So your maturity, ability to dialogue, your ability to be consistent is all judg……” Read the entire transcript here.

Testimonials : Success Stories of Deepali Naair


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