Final Placements – IIFT Delhi and Kolkata – Class of 2014

(This report was updated on 6th March 2014. Changes were made based on information on companies that participated but did not recruit)

This is the first time we are covering final placements at IIFT. In 2013, we had started covering their summer placements, our summer placement report for the batch of 2013-15 can be read here. Again, IIFT has come up with an impressive performance at the finals.

Three Salient points –

1- A number of top trading firms (two of the top four) offered commodity trading profiles exclusively to students of IIFT. IIFT’s positioning and focus on trade is valued by recruiters.

2- IIFT is able to easily hold its own among the top B schools in all the major traditional functional areas (banking and finance, consulting, general management, FMCG marketing etc). Compared to the summer placements, consulting shone this time, with an especially strong showing. Finance, which during summers, saw hiring across MNC banks as well as Indian financial services companies, this time sees hiring mainly from MNC banks. The hiring is across profiles, showing IIFT’s maturing as a campus).

3- In the new economy, e-Commerce, technology etc., IIFT has already put its stake in the ground – with names like Google, Amazon, Flipkart recruiting from this campus.

Google started recruiting from the summer placements (2013), and they have continued recruiting from IIFT.

The highlights of the placements season (shared with us by the IIFT placement committee)

– Two of the Global Top 4 trading firms, called the ‘ABCD’ of Trade, namely, Bunge and Louis Dreyfus offered commodity trading profiles exclusively to IIFTians

-Mid & Senior Management roles were offered to laterals candidate like  Senior Manager, Strategy(TATA NYK), and Regional Sales Manager(Sproxil) were offered at IIFT

–  Russell Reynolds, among the world’s Top 5 Executive Search Firms hired exclusively from IIFT

–  HCL(14), Flipkart(11), Cognizant Business Consulting(9), Goldman Sachs(8), Google(6), Nomura(6), ITC(5) recruited big numbers from the Class of 2014

–  Average salary saw a rise of more than 15% from last year. The number of International Offers(12) at IIFT increased significantly over the last year. Roles offered were across The Middle East, Africa, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia

–  A variety of roles across domains were offered by Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals(the sunrise sector) giants including 4 Fortune 200 majors. Technology & E-commerce majors viz. Amazon, Google, Nokia, SAP, Flipkart, offered prominent roles across domains.

IIFT Final Placements 2014-1
IIFT Final Placements 2014-2
IIFT Final Placements 2014-3
IIFT Final Placements 2014-4
IIFT Final Placements 2014-5


The following companies participated in the process and but did not make offers- Tolaram Group, Deloitte, Du Pont, Cargill, Jabong, Zomato and  Hennes & Mauritz AB.



Other important facts

Out of the 41 PPOs, 32 were from summer placements, and nine were given for corporate competitions on campus. Normally recruiters hold case study competitions in B school, and give PPIs for winners of the case study. PPIs are normally given only for the winners at national level (and less often for winners of the campus round). Therefore, if the above is true, it means that IIFT’s students have not only been doing stupendously well in B school competitions (to win PPIs), but also converting a lot of these PPIs.

We would like to thank the IIFT Placement Committee for their co-operation.

In case you wish to point out anomalies in the report, do write in to us at editor(at)insideiim(dot)com. We will try to clarify it with the placement committee. Anonymity will be ensured.

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The placement committee has done really well in distorting the real picture. Many companies shown in this report did not recruit a single student from IIFT. 15-16 companies did not recruited a single person . Some of them were H&M , Jabong , Jindal Steel , Delloite , Cargill , Louis Dreyfus . H&M was a pool campus process . Tolaram group has still not conducted the process but their name is still there. KPMG offered the same profile that they offer in grad colleges . The average package includes international packages which has inflated the figure. The highest international package is a figment of placement committee imagination as the highest package was less than $ 50,000 .
I will request insideiim to verify facts before publishing such a fake report.Many decisions are made on the basis of such reports.


dear genius 1234
clearly u didnt get the package u were expecting fr urself. So before posting such comments on public forums I would advice you to look into that thing by the side of your bed called a “mirror”. As far as the report goes, every college reports all the companies that visited the campus for recruitment and whether potatoes like you were able to crack it or nt is sumthing which doesnt form part of the report. You might be correct in saying that some companies did nt recruit ny1 frm IIFT but that doesnt mean we as students didnt have the opportunity to sit fr those companies. Moreover Jindal Steel and Louis dreyfus did roll out offers to students which were not accepted. And although an offer from Cargill is imminent you did manage to get insideiim guys to remove it from the list. I would suggest you to have a word with placement committees of colleges like FMS, MDI and SPJAIN and chk which part of their imagination do they use when they quote 16+ average packages. And ask them why they dont quote their lowest packages while the same is quoted by IIFT every year. Its sad that you haven’t been able to understand the way things work in a B-school in 2 years and I hope that the consulting firm that did recruit you must have seen sumthing in you besides your whining and hypocrisy
Take care
Yours truly
Harsh – A figment of my imagination


To Team InsideIIM,
Can u plz name the companies that don’t consider IIFT Kolkata students during placements? Coz it’s a well-known fact that there are quite a few (running in double-digits) that don’t consider IIFT-K. Plz specify those companies….


what is this fuss about iift k students and some companies not allowing them .. @insideiim please clarify same from placement coms of IIFT if possible


IIFT runs a centralized placement process. Students from IIFT (irrespective of the campuses) got into very good companies. Everybody gets decent chances to prove themselves. Unless on until somebody botches it by him/herself, rest assured he/she gets a good brand and profile to be proud of that IIFT offers. Good Luck!!