Final Placements : IIM Calcutta – Class of 2014

The final placement report of IIM Calcutta is here. The report below given to us by the Placement Committee at IIM Calcutta only reaffirms that it is among the top 2-3 campuses when it comes to career opportunities. The best roles in Banking and Consulting offered to Indian candidates are offered to IIM Calcutta graduates among a couple of other schools. However, Sales & Marketing was the sector where highest number of graduates will begin their career.

No salary figures have been provided as the placement committee feels it is not possible to compute it. Reason : “Salary Statistics like avg/highest cannot be computed because of the following reason. The offer-letters are directly sent to students and they contain the compensation break-up (most of the times this info is confidential). So the placement team is not in a position to compute these stats.”

(IIM Calcutta Reports Finals – 2012, 2013/ Summers – 2011, 2012, 2013)


Highlights of the Final Placement Season at IIM Calcutta

– IIM Calcutta saw 100% placements for the 2012-2014 batch with a great improvement in the roles and compensation.

– One of the main highlights is the increase in the International roles offered on campus. Eg: Optiver, Alshaya, Protiviti, Mahindra Comviva, Sharaf DG.

– IIM Calcutta received the highest number of Pre-Placement offers across all IIMs (27 PPOs) in the management consulting domain from the big-4 consulting firms (McKinsey, The Boston Consulting Group, Bain & Co, A. T. Kearney).

– Continuing the legacy, IIM Calcutta lived up to its title of the finance campus of India. IIMC received one of the highest number of offers for the strongly coveted Investment Banking Divisions (IBD).
Citigroup, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, BNP Paribas, Edelweiss, etc. hired exclusively from IIMC for their IBD roles.

– Optiver, one of the world’s largest high frequency and proprietary trading firms recruited for the first time from any b-school in India. This Netherlands based firm chose to hire exclusively from IIM Calcutta.

– It is interesting to note that, Mr. Sourav Ganguly recruited for a niche brand management and marketing role.

– Several final year students were also selected to do an internship with Trinamool Congress. They would pursue this internship until their joining date at their full-time jobs.

– Marketing offers were made by all major FMCG companies and several other companies re-affirming their strong preference for IIM Calcutta. This function accounted for the largest chunk of offers.




Note that this list is not exhaustive. We have decided to mention only a few names for each of the roles.

We (IIM C Placement Committee) are choosing not to specifically reveal the PE/VC firms.



This is not an exhaustive list.

BCG and Accenture made the highest number of offers in consulting at 12 offers each.



This is not an exhaustive list.


*All the FMCGs mentioned above hired for their marketing roles except Mother Dairy. In addition to S&M, many of these FMCGs hired for other roles as well. We are choosing not to mention these additional roles and companies.


This is not an exhaustive list.

* Amazon made the highest number of offers (16, including PPOs) on campus including leadership and operations roles.



This is not an exhaustive list.






We would like to thank the placement committee at IIM Calcutta for sharing the report with us.


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EXL did not visit the campus for placements. They converted a PPI given during a case competition. DBS did not come for IBD role but a MT role mostly for marketing. Bridge i2i did not give any concrete offer on campus. Wipro offered Corporate Finance role only. ICICI prudential’s role was more of an Analytics role. The international roles are mostly based out of Middle East and North Africa (except Optiver), hardly interesting.


All the FMCGs mentioned above hired for their marketing roles – What exactly does this mean? Does this mean that the profiles offered are different from those in FMS, XL (say)?


There is absolutely “NO” difference between offers made at XL, IIM C, FMS etc. All the offers, in 99% of the cases are for Sales & Marketing (which is a very abused term as you start your career with Sales function only) In fact it is IIM A which usually does the best in Marketing but even there it’s the same profiles ruling the roost


Difference between offers made and accepted overall is 40. In ppos it is 21 and in lats it is 18. That means the difference in finald is just 1 with 228 students in the process. Was there no dream job system or bucket list in the finals? Irrespective of that, anyone who has run a placement process will tell you how improbable that is!


Can anyone throw some light on PGDCM Placements..
Do people from PGDCM get placed in good finance / consulting firms ?
What is the median salary for PGDCM Students ?
Thanks in advance


As always IIMC gives excellent performance, however I dont understand why they did not reveal supply chain and IT companies because normally these companies don’t forbid the placom unlike few financial firms.


What is the profile offered by Google in IIM-C? Is it the same old Account Strategist role offered at the Tier-2 institutes or something else?