Five Types of People You Will Meet At IIM Indore

IIM Indore boasts the largest batch across all the IIMs and students from all over India embark together in their journey in this campus. One will find people of different characters roaming the streets of this beautiful campus. An old Assamese proverb says “Bhurukat Hati bharua” meaning trying to fit in a big elephant in a small container. And here I am, trying to generalize all the students of IIM Indore through the following five characters: –

1. The Nerds: – The library is the ultimate destination to find them. It’s hearsay that the librarians end up seeing them more often than they see their families. No wonder that they are the most sought-after one during exam days.

2. The Shopping Fanatics: – If one is habituated in opening the Hostel Postman’s mail daily, then he will know that some people’s names appear almost every other day. These are the people, whose ID cards the postman doesn’t bother to check. Every online sale is marked at the earliest on their calendars.

3. The CP Masters: – Some can articulate their points really well, and some can come up with endless “globes”. People from the second category are those who never hesitate to put their points even if they don’t make any sense. And their CP grades often reflect the efforts they put in the classes.

4. The Sporty Ones: – Irrespective of the sports played, one will find them in the playground most of the times. Their names dominate every list prepared for intra-college and inter-college sports meet.

5. The Social Media Fans: – You can take a glimpse of every aspect of their lives from their social media feeds. Ranging from case facts to college Wi-Fi speed, campus sceneries to regular movie screenings, and their social media statuses have shown us all.

Irrespective of what character the person may be, everyone’s presence has made this journey worthwhile.


The ABG Company I want to Work for

The ABG Company I would like to work for is Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited. The choice I have made is solely on the basis of my personal preferences. For a fashion and clothing enthusiast like me, working for a company that deals with apparels appear to be exciting. Besides that, I feel that I will be able to connect with the company well and this will in return help me to learn more about the Indian apparel sector. I believe my enthusiasm for fashion and clothing will motivate me to give my best for the organization.

– Gyanjit Boruah

IIM Indore Placement Committee

Placement Committee, Indian Institute of Management Indore