‘Forbidden City, The Great Wall, Home Of Emperors and Kings’ – IIMK Students Visit To China Organized By MHRD

We landed in China, to witness its culture, tradition and its might
The task at hand is daunting, strengthening the 2 nation’s ties

First thing on the list was visiting Beijing,
Forbidden City, the great wall, home of emperors and Kings

It offers an insight to China’s rich history..
God’s, witches, civilizations…so many mysteries

Chengdu, the land of Pandas was a dream come true
They have no worries, I wonder if humans could live this peacefully too

Guilin mesmerises your soul, it casts a spell,
It’s a beauty, a story that no words can tell

While cities boast a history of over 3000 years
It’s amazing to see how this affects their present day lives and their careers

The trip introduced us to the incubators and universities
Their sheer respect for new ideas and its diversity

Never before did I see a city that never sleeps
I wonder if that’s why people seem to have inner peace

The people here are warm, loving and helpful
The sheer respect they gave us makes me feel grateful

We don’t understand each other’s languages, our foods are different, so are our lifestyles
But we are neighbours with love in our hearts… inches to miles

This trip was a myth buster, brought so many firsts to my life
I hope it benefits the 2 nations and goes a long way in strengthening our ties.




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Himanshu Garg