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An English Grad’s Strategy To Crack CAT 2020 | Ft. Ratula Bandyopadhyay, IIM K

Meet Ratula Bandyopadhyay, an English Literature graduate from Presidency College, Kolkata. Ratula decided to pursue an MBA during her college 2nd year and started giving a serious thought during her

I Helped A Boy Of Hearing Impaired Parents Pass His Higher Secondary Exams - Niloy Mukherjee's Success Story Against All Odds

They say little things go a long way. Your most insignificant move can have a significant impact on someone's life. So, how do you use this power? Our today's feature

Consistency And Faith Led Me To My Dreamland | Prafull Anand, IIM Kozhikode

Hi, I'm Prafull Anand and I believe everyone's journey to his dreamland is unique in itself but we call can learn something from other's journey. Getting into BLACKIS was my

An Eye Checkup At Class 8th Led Me To Open Health Camps For Elderly People - Sushownika Trehan's Journey Against All Odds

We all go for routine health check-ups. Most of the time we are occupied with only our health; only a few have the empathy to look into the problems of

Nishant Bhati's Journey From 68.98 Percentile To IIM Kozhikode

“कही पहुँचने के लिए कही से निकलना ज़रूरी है”. 

How I Aced CAT With A Severe Leg Injury | Vatsala Singh, IIM Kozhikode

16th June’2020 , I received an email from the prestigious IIMK stating I have been selected for the 2 year PGP program 20-22. These were a few words which I

My Team Won The TBLA Case Competition In 1st Year Ft. Akriti Srivastava, InsideIIM’s Best 50

It takes a special kind of person to get out of his or her comfort zone and work towards a new, solid goal. But in 1st year of MBA at