My Four Crazy Batchmates At IIM Trichy

Introduce some of your crazy batch-mates

An Educational Institute can provide more than knowledge. Yes, you read it right, it can provide few lucky people a lifetime membership of being in the company of crazy friends. I think I am one of that few lucky persons. My life at IIM Trichy would become meaningless if I had not met these four unique personalities. Let me introduce to my crazy friends who make my life better in all situations.


Rupam Julian: 

We would have all come across someone who is very patriotic for his/her nation. Has anyone confronted a person who is patriotic for their hometown?  Rupam is one such person and she is the official ambassador of Ranchi in Trichy. Talking with her for just few minutes, anyone can definitely spot her love for her hometown. We even face a dilemma of our existence sometimes whether we are living in Ranchi or in Trichy because Rupam is fantastic in a way that she relates everything to Ranchi. For eg: If we are watching cricket, she takes such a pride in announcing M S Dhoni is from her hometown. If we are planning to go out on the weekends, she starts talking about famous waterfalls of Ranchi.  She has the superpower to relate to Ranchi in every possible unrelatable situations. Some of her interests other than Ranchi is playing badminton and singing.



Imagine the happiness and joy if you get to know that one of your friend knows every nook and corner of the city you live in. Here is our official outings planner- the localite Sivagami. She knows the right place for every possible activities from the best restaurants to dine, best biryani in the city, best shopping centers to cater your window shopping rituals, best place to have fun and the list goes on and on. She is a complete entertainment package with great acting and dancing skills.

Aarthi Ayyanar: 

How nice life would be if a person reminds you to do all work from waking you up to what assignments to do. Let me introduce to the alarm clock of my life. My saviour when I doze off without the sense of the world after my night studies. She is the epitome of punctuality. There is never a single day she has arrived late to the class and submits all assignments well before the deadlines. She has perfected the art of time management.


Harshitha M :

Let me introduce you to the future best employee. There could possibly be no one on this planet Earth who can be as hardworking as her. The efforts and dedication she puts in completing her assignments and projects are truly inspirational. She is a complete perfectionist. Her hobbies include yoga and travelling.


Which ABG industry would I like to work for and why?

I would love to work with Aditya Birla Science and Technology Company Private Limited (ABSTCPL). I had been so enthralled by Technology from my childhood and this fascination of mine towards it was the rationale behind me to obtain a degree in Computer Science and Engineering from IIIT, Design and Manufacturing, Kancheepuram. This place opened a new door of opportunities to me and enabled me to work with cutting edge technologies like Data Mining, Analytics and Augmented Reality. Management studies has further equipped me to fulfil my dream to create and bring better technologies for solving problems.

This article is written by Inchara K M- Class of 2020.

IIM Trichy Placement Team

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