GD Monday – ‘Life Is A Chair’ – Week 4

The new season of GD Mondays is in its 4th week.

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This week we take an abstract topic. Life Is A Chair – Discuss.


This is how it will work:

1) Users can post their arguments in the comments section below by logging in through their user id.

2) You can argue and counter-argue on the topic for the entire week.

3) The thread will be moderated by Team InsideIIM to ensure the discussion is kept relevant and is not abusive.

4) On Saturday, experts and industry professionals at InsideIIM (all ex-IIM, XLRI, ISB only) will rate each argument on the thread on the scale of 10 with some guidance.

This cannot replace the experience of the actual GD but this exercise will surely help you shape your line of thought. While we may not be able to help you here with your delivery, we ensure that if you go through these next few weeks with us on this thread you will markedly improve your content. Hopefully, there will be more substance when you actually speak in a GD after going through this exercise.

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Rahul Datta

People are always fond of staying in their Comfort zone and leading a life that is free from the difficulties is a general mindset . To me , the chair represents this Comfort but if you stay in it for a longer time you are surely going to feel the pain . ‘Life is a Chair’ represents both the aspects , one living in a comfort zone and other leaving this comfort zone to achieve greater heights when you start to feel the pain . For example relating it to the political scenarios , it is too easy to sit in the chair and criticize the good or bad work done but when it comes to helping the nation we rarely leave this comfortable chair and go out of our way .
Do not just sit , keep trying things that you feel you cannot do , because when you will achieve it , a flat wooden ‘pain’ giving chair will be replaced with a cushioned one , and seriously that is more comfortable 🙂

Team Insideiim

Good start. Well explained. This topic is supposed to be very open and you can bring in many view points. You brought philosophy and politics in it. Decent job. 7.5/10

Parth Sarthi Sahoo

Life is a Chair.It could be like a chair in the bus stop giving relief to the commuters, a chair in a ship to enjoy the serene beauty of nature or a chair in the drawing room adding to the beauty of the interiors. Like the chair, people have varied professions, all unique and equally important. Also, the humans take up various responsibilities simultaneously as a chair can be used to sit upon, stand upon or keep things on as the situation demands.
The quality of the “chair” is determined by its adaptiveness to the circumstances and how much pressure it can handle. Life is not about the problems we face but how do we fight back !!!

Team Insideiim

Can’t criticize the thought because there is nothing right and wrong here. But we will say that the articulation could have been much better than it is. It is not as interesting as it could have been. 6.5/10

Rahul Datta

I would add to the Parth’s adaptiveness point that like many people sit on the chair and go when they are finished with their work , similarly many people come in your life , you offer them a place and some leave too . The life still goes on either with them or without them . In such a circumstance your Life should remain stable and firm like a chair .

Team Insideiim

Too abstract even for this topic. Not sure everyone will get it. Work on articulation if you want to say something so complex. In an actual GD better to avoid if not going to be able to communicate well. Also, its too little. For these kind of topics when everyone will speak you may not get a chance again and you should speak as much as possible. 5/10

Raj Ram

Very well said by my friends, Right from baby chair to an old age rocking chair,chair very well depict the significance of one’s stages in life. At every stage different set of responsibilities lies ahead of us & each responsibility requires unique approach to deal with chairs will give fun and joy,where chair of manager or CEO chair OR chairman requires more robust attitude and offcource old age chair is a place of sit and analyse. So chair of life is all about enjoy but be efficient effective for better execution so that while analysing our position while sitting with equally important chairs will bring many opportunities to us.

Team Insideiim

We get the point but the articulation is quite ordinary. Grammar errors and sentence construction is haywire. In these kind of topics, there will be focus on the softer side too apart from the content. 5/10

Tony Sebastian

Our conscious mind transcends the 3 dimensions of space that limit our physical bodies but can manipulate the fourth dimension of time. Our conscious mind is the chair, imagine a small foldable chair here and not a big sofa , it sits on the horizon that divides the past and the future. Some of us face the future trying to make sense of incomplete pieces of information that make us percieve an envisioned future. Some others face the past and try to draw insights from what has already happened to help us achieve a better understanding of our beings and things that surround us. Only a few of us have a chair that we can easily orient in the required direction at the required time to best utilise our chairs. The saddening part however is that a number of people especially those of a younger age are unable to open up the chair, let alone take a seat. They are unsure of what to make of their past experiences and what to do in their lives in the future. These people more often than not, grow detached to life and fail to find happiness that they so yearn for.
As a community of learners, we must institute a mechanism to help uncertain minds open up their chairs and learn from the past and ideate about the future.

Team Insideiim

Now, while your articulation is good, I am not sure everyone will understand – even the professor panel – if this is an essay/WAT then the evaluator may find it tough. Suggestion – try to keep it simple. 6.5/10

Tony Sebastian

A lack of freedom of exploration in school education has been stated by many to be a cause for the state of uncertainty in the minds of many young people. The introduction of a flexible system of education that encourages curiosity and self discovery may be a mechanism that we can implement to tackle this issue.

Mridul Agrawal

The chair,as it may occur, is anything but static. Life is a chair, meaning our life is the sum of all the positions of responsibilities that we undertake(read chair) , in each phase of our life, illustrating that the chair, represents a group of them. Each such position or chair, in turn is a function of all the choices we make and all the decisions we take.
Each chair is unique, determined by the goals of the individual chairing it. Whether or not, the the chair has been justice to, is only the say of the person chairing it. An individuals success in life, can only be measured by how meaningfully and honestly has he held his chair, in each phase of his life. Moreover, the best judge is Noone else but the chair bearer. Life indeed is a chair.

Team Insideiim

Well explained but the thought has been borrowed from previous participants. So late in the GD you need to come up with something original. But decent job overall. 6.5/10


‘This game of life is all about the chair’
Some of us our like cheap plastic chairs which are rigid and static and thus tend to break under pressure while some us are like the swivel chairs , flexible and adjusting thus loved by all.
And surprisingly, only the flexible and adjusting chairs at the high places or position!
What chair you are?

Team Insideiim

Haha. Simple point. Slightly presumptuous about what kind of people reach the top but points for opening up a new thought process. However, too little said too late in the GD. Must contribute more. 6/10

Gargi Priyadarsini

Life is a chair..A chair is something that provides us comfort seating when we are tired.Similarly life as a chair is a comfort when we come back to when we are tired of daily nuances of life.A chair is a important piece of furniture at different places .Similarly life offers us various roles with responsibilities.We need to take life in all its forms and be there to appreciate it as it comes as we do with a chair.As a chair comes in different shapes and colours life is also comfortable and full of myriad colours if we take everything in a positive stride.So we need to take on all responsibilities and be rooted to the ground which act as a support as the legs of the chair.

Team Insideiim

Almost everything you have mentioned has been spoken about by other participants. Fail to see any new thought here. 4/10


Life is a chair. A chair to be comfortable has to have all the elements in it in right proportion and requirement, whether its the legs of chair, hand rest, cushioning or back support each of these has to be in right proportion for us to feel chair to be comfortable to enjoy sitting on it for longer duration this is similar to life. In life also we need to identify the factors that define us like emotions, goals, work, attitude, family, personality etc..and try to strike a balance with them then only we can feel aliveness in us to enjoy the life to fullest. Like chair life has to be taken care for it to be in its best form all the time to feel it. so we need to make sure all the elements that define us in life are in its balanced state and well thought decisions are made about them to be happy in life.

Nitin Jain

Life can be exquisitely compared with chair to understand it. A chair is to sit, to stay calm, to THINK, to make future plans, to introspect, in all to enjoy. Same is required with the life. Life is to be analyzed, to be tackled, to be pondered on taking our thinking at the depth. And this introspection will in the end bring us to deeper understanding of life. Thus, for this to be achieved one must look upon life as being sat on a chair !!!

ashish verma

The purpose of a chair is to sit and rest. Unlike it, life is about learning and implementing the knowledge we learn while experiencing the ups and downs. A chair is an intangible thing. Life should not be compared to it. The ultimate aim of most of our life is to achieve our goals which we cannot do just by sitting on a chair. we need to keep moving forward in our life and this cannot be done by sitting on a chair but can be done by running to achieve our dreams.

Sivani Mallajosyula

‘Life is a chair ‘ brings the image of a throne to my mind signifying power .the fact that every person is completely responsible to their lives and that we are in a position to make decisions that can have consequent affect on the others is what is of focus to me.I believe that one should never let their love for chair cloud their judgements.Spmetimes life just puts us in a place where we are responsible to others as well and thats when I believe the true essence of the chair/power comes. I possible such privileges should be used for betterment of life but not at the sacrifice of others.