Guest Lecture by Mr. Sudipta Ghosh, Partner, PwC

“Understanding of business, knack for data analytics and familiarity with technology are the skills required to be a data scientist”, said Mr. Sudipta Ghosh, Partner, PwC. Mr. Ghosh was with the participants of IIM Indore(PGP Mumbai) on 29th January to interact with them. He kept the students engaged throughout the lecture and gave them valuable insights from the field of data analysis.

Mr. Ghosh began by giving an overview of the types of analytics and the areas where it is relevant. He talked about descriptive, investigative, predictive and prescriptive analytics. He then directed the lecture as per the questions posed by the students. This unique style of his kept the participants engrossed.

The participants asked a myriad of questions. When asked about the role of data scientists in the domain of consulting, he answered giving the participants a clear picture of their functions. In order to provide value to the clients, organizations have realized that they need to imbibe data analytics. The data scientists provide recommendations on the basis of data analysis. The participants then asked about the churning problem in the telecom industry, challenges that IOT will pose in future and other pertinent questions. Further, Mr. Ghosh spoke about the four layers in data analysis: data integration, data storage, data modeling and data visualization. Talking about vertical analysis, he said that the most challenging part is the industry analysis. The challenges, issues, government regulations have to be found out which makes picking the analytical model easier.

Mr. Ghosh concluded the lecture by enunciating the key skills required to pursue a career in data analytics. He patiently answered all the queries of the participants despite his busy schedule. The participants had a lot of valuable takeaways from the guest lecture.

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