Guest Lecture By Ms Rekha Singhal, Senior Scientist, TCS Innovation Labs

The participants of IIM Indore PGP Mumbai had a change from the regular management insights after their interaction with Ms. Rekha Singhal, Senior Scientist, TCS Innovation Lab. Ms. Rekha Singhal has 18 years of research and teaching experience with both corporate and academic organizations. She has worked with CDAC and TRDDC research centers. One of the CDAC products, Revival 2000, developed under her guidance received NASSCOM Technology award. Ms Singhal was here to share her insights on Big Data Analytics from technical as well as management perspective.

Beginning with the basics of Big Data, its features and use cases, Ms. Singhal gave the non-IT participants a rudimentary understanding of Big Data. She further explained the three V’s that surround Big Data: Volume, Velocity and Variety. Ms. Singhal discussed how Traditional Analytics differs from Big Data. The field of Data Analytics is changing. We now have new techniques and platforms. Although there are technological bottlenecks, new algorithms are being developed by the data scientists.

Ms. Singhal kept the participants engaged by giving various live cases from the domain of Big Data Analytics. The live cases included Healthcare, Customer service, Insurance sector among the others. She told the participants about the career opportunities in the field: Big Data analysts, Policy makers, Chief Data Operator, Data Scientist. The participants raised the queries they had regarding Big Data to which Ms. Singhal gave apt replies. She also discussed several buzz words in the field. The participants found the lecture truly informative.

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