How I Got Into XLRI Jamshedpur After 6 Interview Attempts







This quote from the Irish poet Samuel Beckett can be found on the left forearm of Swiss tennis player Stanislas Wawrinka. At Australian Open 2014 he became the first player in 20 years to beat both the top seeds en route to the trophy. It was his 9th season on the tour and his first Grand Slam title. But why am I talking about a tennis player on a community for management students you might wonder well that’s because throughout my life I have failed multiple times and each time it was this quote that kept me going.

Interviewer: Why is your graduation percentage so low Mr. Singh?
Me: Pune University parsimonious in handing out marks, tried too many things, new place, didn’t like engineering (Truth :p) etc etc

This was the question that haunted every interview I ever sat for. The 30% gap between my 12th and graduation scores was the first thing that caught every interviewer’s eye. I tried various combinations of the reasons stated above but to no avail. I wrote the XAT 4 times scoring 99+ in 3 of them and appeared for a combined total of 6 times for the interviews (BM+HRM) before I finally converted the BM interview call last year. Every year I prepared a new answer and every year it got shot down and I finally realised that nothing but the truth would work so I told them that I did not make the required effort and that is why my marks are so low. But, telling the truth is not enough one has to show that they have tried to overcome these failures. That’s where the Fail Better part comes in, sometimes when the going gets rough one just needs to put their head down and get to work. That’s what I did, I concentrated on my job and received 2 awards for my efforts, these awards helped a lot in convincing the panel that my engineering marks were not a permanent indicator of my ability and that I had actually tried to mend my ways. I also read up on business and kept tabs on the happenings in the corporate space which came in handy during the interviews.

So, what can you take away from my struggles?

Firstly, no obstacle is big enough. It’s just that the bigger the obstacle more is the effort required. People will tell you that you can’t do it and it would come from those closest to you not as a criticism but as a concern, concern that failure might destroy you. When you are that heavily invested in something the ones closest to you are the first to realise that it might end up hurting you. But, it is you who has to decide whether the fight is still worth fighting or not. If you still have the fight in you after getting a sound thumping my advice would be to listen to the naysayers but ignore their advice. The only way to be sure of a result is to not enter the competition at all, so why not give it your best shot who knows you might get lucky, I know I did!

Parminder Singh

XLRI(BM), Batch of 2018-20. A Himachali Army brat who has lived in 10 different cities and studied at 5 different schools. Love Quizzing, Reading and Watching Movies. Electronics and Telecommunication engineer from the University of Pune.Software Developer for 3.5 years before coming for an MBA.



Manglam Joshi

Brilliantly written, thank you for sharing your experience, you are an inspiration buddy.


Genius is more about sweat than talent and you are a living embodiment of that. More such successful tales to come!

Yogesh Kumbhekar

It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up. all the best for future brother..!!

Bhave's Rajan

Very Inspiring !! Needed some food for thought and came across this.. Just made my day !! Thanks !!


@Abhilash Nandy not necessarily.. sometimes the truth is the cause of your rejection in the interviews. It all depends upon the interviewers, how they perceive your answer.

Rajat Kumar Singh

Its really inspiring.I highly appreciate & admire your determination & positive attitude that accelerated u to keep trying wid positive attitude.

Sibaji Dey

Very Relatable for me.

I too have a gap of 25% between class 10 and class 12. (Currently Pursuing B.Tech in Biomedical Engineering, 3rd Year) & this always demotivate me whenever I think of preparing for any MBA entrance exam because I always have that felling back in my mind that no matter what I do, I won’t land in a good premier b school.

You story gave me a hope and will serve as a motivation for me.

Thank You so much ❤


Hi parminder, I graduated in 2018 and enrolled in Acca but unable to complete. So i decided to gain work experience but rejected in final rounds. Should i prepare for mba this year with this gap? I have 60 +throughout the academics. I am interested in finance and how should I make my profile better?