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What Do Panelists Ask During MBA Admission Interviews?

What do panelists ask during the MBA Admission interviews? Is there a set pattern? Is it based on your profile or are only hot topics asked? In the third part

20 Recommended Interview Experiences For You - Part 2

How should you go about a stress interview? How should you put forward your point during an interview without sounding arrogant? Should you talk about the calls you have during

2022 XLRI BM Interview Experience - Uday Kudke

XLRI BM | 14th March | GEM | 34 Months Work-ex | 88.77/72.77/7.02 | XAT 98.33

Japanese Culture & Vernacular Language Saved The Day | Actual IIM Calcutta Interview Experience

Shravani Joshi started her IIM Calcutta interview by mentioning her interest in the Japanese language, which ultimately led the whole interview in that direction. From Japanese culture to the relation

20 Important Interview Experiences You Should Read - Part 1

In this new series, we will bring to you 20 interview experiences every day that you must read. These will give you a much-needed idea of the kind of questions

How IIM Ahmedabad Panelists Grill Candidates - IIM Ahmedabad Past Interview | How To Get Into IIM A

IIM Ahmedabad is a dream for many. While only a few reach to the stage where they get to sit for the interview, those few are tested rigorously on every

Interview Experiences 2022 - Check The Questions Asked In Interviews This Year

What kind of questions are being asked to candidates this year? Is the Russia-Ukraine war the hot topic of the panelists? Or are they grilling about topics closer to home,