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How I Made It To SPJIMR Mumbai | Simrat Singh Talwar's SPJIMR Interview Experience

In this interview, Simrat Singh Talwar shares how he prepared for SPJIMR's interview, his interview experiences, and how he made it to SPJIMR Mumbai basis his profile. He also touches

IIM Bangalore MBA (Business Analytics) Interview Experience || Ft. Siddhant Jain

IIM Bangalore MBA ( Business Analytics ) 2021–23, 31st March 2021, Online Interview

Ajay Kumar's IIM Calcutta Interview Experience || IIM Calcutta ' 21

Venue: Indian Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi

IIM Calcutta Interview Transcript || Nitesh Dutt, IIM Calcutta '20

Venue: Indian Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi

IIFT Interview Experience || Ft. Pranay Ambulkar, IIFT Delhi

Pranay Ambulkar has completed his bachelor's from Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering and Management, Nagpur. Post that he joined Ideas91, a procurement and sourcing firm based in Dubai where he

CAP 2020 Interview Experience || Nancy Raj, IIM Kashipur

I still remember the day which I still deem as one of the most crucial days of my life, when I was headed to JP Siddharth hotel via the blue

IIFT GD-PI-WAT Experience | Ft. Tushang Shivam IIFT K'22

After graduating from Manipal Institute of Technology in 2018, I worked as a Quality Assurance Engineer at voestalpine India for 7 months. With encouragement from my school friends, I quit

Exhilarating PI Experience - The Path Towards MBA Analytics At IIM Kashipur

The aspiration to pursue a career in Analytics started during my final year project during my under graduation. Let me introduce myself and take you through the journey of preparation