How To Be Best Prepared This Admissions Season

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All the best for CAT tomorrow. Have faith in your ability, be calm and make sure you do the best you can. The worst feeling in the world is to come out of the test feeling you did not give your best.

The admission season is in full swing now. We believe it is a great time to help you understand how you can use our platforms for maximum benefit. The toughest part of your journey actually starts now as the softer and less objective parts of the admissions process come to the fore. Many capable students have taken this part lightly and have suffered immensely because of this. The testing of your mental strength in this admissions process begins from tomorrow and will end only till you make the right choice. Yes. Some of the decisions you take in the next 6 months will shape your career in a big way and you don’t want to make an ill-informed, half-baked and inaccurate facts based decision.

How we can help?

This platform hosts some of the best schools in India. It also hosts some of the fastest growing schools in India. In fact, you can safely say that if you don’t find a school on this platform then maybe it is not worth going to. We take extreme care even when choose our clients and partners too.

In April 2015, we had written to all users asking them how we could best help them. Based on the direct feedback of existing users then, there is a long list of items they want us to do for them. Here are a few things we have done which can really benefit you – all of it based on feedback from you.

One on One Personal Admissions and Career Counselling –

Every individual is unique. One size does not fit all. Everyone has their own unique profile and different schools suit different people. The reason why people do their MBA is different. Hence, our new platform designed for one-on-one interaction. No need to ask uncomfortable questions on public forums anymore. Talk to experts. We at InsideIIM ensure everyone is given an evaluation of their profile for free. Ask now

Some other basic and hygiene features :

Messaging – Talk to Schools, Current Students, Authors

Now you can talk to every school on the platform via messaging.

You can talk to every author via messaging.

You can find the message icon beside the school’s name on the homepage and the trending schools page. You can also find it below the author’s name on every story.

ATTENTION SCHOOLS/AUTHORS – Please ensure you have the right email ids with the official account so that you do not miss a single message sent you. You can update it via settings tab on the top right on every page under your name.

Update Your Profile For Relevant Quality Content on InsideIIM

Obviously, you guys only want content that is relevant for you. The only way we can do that is if you tell us something about you. Hence, we ask you what purpose you are here for – Aspirant, Current Student, School, Recruiter, Coaching Class etc. Please update your profile so that you get the right content delivered to you. An aspirant typically gets notifications for live chats, test prep content, placement information, admission criterias, help around GD/PI etc.

Your Dashboard on InsideIIM

Something all of you would have come across after logging in for the first time after registration. If you have updated your profile, you will get a customized dashboard already. You can personalize your experience further by adding schools, authors, topics of your interest on your own dashboard. The dashboard also has upcoming events, deadlines, live chats on InsideIIM and our live updates tracker.

Stories & Discovering Content

Stories are the heart of the platform. We are changing the way MBA decisions are taken by students in India. It is time students stopped relying on uncles and cousins for career advice who themselves have no information about a school or an university. Each student is unique and his/her requirements are unique. Some students want a school with great ROI but some want a school with great infrastructure. Some want a school with unique pedagogy while some are only interested in placements. Some want international exposure where as some are more interested in high quality extra-curricular circuit. Every school has its own story – we are happy to have provided a platform for doing that over the years.
Given below is a list of the top 35 schools with most content on the platform – written by Media committees, students, alumni of that school (October 2015 Data)
B School Name # of stories
IIM Indore 318
IIM Bangalore 158
IIM Lucknow 151
XLRI Jamshedpur 136
IIM Ahmedabad 120
IIM Kozhikode 114
IIM Udaipur 75
SPJIMR Mumbai 57
IIM Ranchi 57
MYRA School Of Business 56
IIM Shillong 51
FMS Delhi 49
VGSoM 48
MDI Gurgaon 39
NITIE Mumbai 35
IIM Trichy 33
IIM Raipur 31
SIBM Pune 30
IIM Indore UAE 29
IIM Indore Mumbai 26
SCMS Cochin 26
MISB Bocconi 24
ISB 23
XIM Bhubaneshwar 13
IIM Rohtak 12
Goa Institute of Management 11
IBS 10
SJMSOM Mumbai 8
Tata Institute of Social Sciences 7
IIT Kanpur 7

Content is the heart of our platform and we are constantly trying to devise better ways for you to be able to discover content that you need. You can browse schools through discover schools on the homepage, or click on content through the trending tab for each school. There are various categories on the red tab below which focuses on various aspects of a business school that you should read about.

We plan to roll out a few more things going forward. However, if there is anything else that you need immediately enter in below or write to us on editor(at)insideiim(dot) com







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