My Humble Abode For The Next Two Years – IIM Ranchi

On 16th June 2017, around sixty of us were sitting in a hall- a little nervous, slightly curious but thoroughly excited. As we awaited our turns to get our documents verified, there was some murmuring (read: acquaintance), some sort of anxiety but moreover, it was the beginning of a sojourn of two years.


Ten days, three management challenges, plenty of new faces and lots of work (read: long nights). As new groups were assigned for each task, we were introduced to the art of distributing work and manage twenty-four hours (Oh! How we wished there were a few more). From checking emails every once in a while to forming new WhatsApp groups every day, we suddenly realized that time had picked up its pace (Yes, time flies). And not to forget, Timings are sacrosanct.

Term begins

Early morning classes and late night submissions meant drowsy, heavy-eyed faces. Most of the professors understand the routines that we go through. But if one is caught napping (FYI, we learn to sleep with eyes wide open!), the poor soul is asked to splash some water. Presentations and assignments become our day to day norm. Deliberating over hot Maggi and countless cups of coffee, at one moment you begin enjoying those sessions. Seniors become your mentor, your friend and your guide. They are really helpful at every juncture when you seem to lack direction. You learn the art of ‘managing MBA’.

Clubs & Committees

Students here manage and create everything. As per your interest and capability, one applies to several clubs and committees after which a rigorous process ensues to select the members.


IIM Ranchi offers two-year full-time courses in Business Management and Human Resource Management (only IIM to offer this course as of now). As a student of HRM course, I would largely be commenting on the latter. HR, also known as Human Capital, has for long been considered to be a support function but not now. They have become the Strategic function of organizations vying to capture maximum market share and gain competitive advantage.

According to Aon Hewitt consultant John Sanders, “HR service delivery will become all the more critical over the next decade due to factors such as increasing cost pressures, global workforce and processes, demand for 24/7 information and answers, flexible and fuzzy organizational boundaries, and rising customer expectations”. Yes, you become the most important human. HR course at IIM Ranchi has gained a lot of traction in the industry and our growing alumni base at leading organizations in the country means that we can go only one way – that is up. Needless to say, you would not want to miss out on this opportunity.


Many of our students have won accolades and been recognized at the national level. National winners of Mahindra Warroom, Sony Pictures Network- The Next Big Thing, Berger Innovision, Wildcard round winners and national finalists of HUL Lime, national finalists at  ‘Espirit De Corps’ of Sutherland Global Services, and so on. The list is a long one and you can certainly contribute to that list once you are a part of IIM Ranchi family.


We have our hostels located in Khelgaon complex. Here, I won’t do much talking. Let the pictures speak for themselves.


Does that mean all work and no play? Definitely not!

This part right here is the most enjoyable. Cultural extravaganza, Management Fests, Sports fests which see a huge footfall from other B-schools like XLRI, IIM’s, XIMB, XISS (the list continues) add a new dimension to the MBA life. You get to be a part of organizing committees, conduct events, embellish your college and along the way, make friends for life. Not to forget in-house parties (every month) where you can let yourself loose and wake up somewhere else *winks*.

So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready for the ride of your life!

Siddharth Bhattacharya

Engineer turned MBA