IIM Indore UAE Campus makes its presence felt in Dubai

For a student to truly make the most of their two years in an MBA course, just working hard towards your academics is far from enough.While colleges can often put such a workload on students that they are never able to test themselves in the outside world, luckily at Indian Institute of Management, Indore’s UAE Campus has such a specifically well designed course outline that students have more than enough time for several extra-curricular activities.

And already the MBA aspirants at the UAE campus are carving a name out for themselves amongst their peers in Dubai, with stellar showings in several competitions, with a lot more to look forward to in the coming weeks.


The 2013-15 batch was only settling in at Dubai when KPMG’s ‘Ace The Case’ competition came around. In a prestigious competition where a trip to Brazil to take part in the esteemed organization’s international case competition was on offer, IIM Indore’s students shone brightly. Up against 125 other competitors, all eight of the students representing the only IIM abroad, made the cut to the last 32, based on their superior performance in assessments like Verbal, Quantitative & Data Interpretation, Finance and Public Speaking. The college also had the unique distinction of being the only one with two teams, of four each, to make it to the finale, where the teams vied for the grand prize, by cracking the case competition. The two teams made a lasting impression with their presentations and were heartily applauded for their out of the box thinking, winning several plaudits, even though the trip to Brazil proved to be elusive.22

The students then took time off from their academic schedule to make a mark in the International Dubai Marathon 2014, following the mantra that the groundwork of all happiness is good health. Proudly displaying the colors of the college, the MBA aspirants showed they were no slouches on the running track either.


Further showing off their interest in sports, two of the college students, Ayush Srivastava and Pallav Jha, then went on to win IIT Hyderabad’s hotly contested Sports Quiz, held during their cultural festival called ‘Elan’.


The winning streak did not end there itself, as IIM Indore then left their mark in another cultural festival in Dubai, wooing the audiences with their dance steps, before eventually running away with the first prize in the play-acting competition. Up against some tough competition, the humor and intensity of the institute’s finest actors won over the crowd, leaving the judges in no doubt who the deserved winners were. Yet again the students showed off their marketing brains in a competition titled ‘Marketino’, coming up with innovative solutions for tedious problems, to reach all the way to the final.

Entrusted with the job of representing the IIM brand on foreign shores, the remit for the UAE Campus’ 2013-15 batch was to ensure that they maintained the high standards expected of a student who joins such an esteemed institute. However the Dubai based students of IIM Indore have not done that. They have gone beyond their stated mission to further enhance the name and reputation of the college by standing toe-to-toe against the very best in the region, and proving their credentials beyond any shadow of doubt.

And with the myriad of opportunities available to students in this region, one can safely say that they have just begun.


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