IIM Trichy – The Breeding Ground Of A Million Unprecedented Dreams

When I was asked ‘What makes IIM Trichy unique?’, the immediate string of thoughts that brushed my mind were- the gigantic campus that has become our little world in two years, the intense sessions that enlighten us with intricacies of the mysterious world of business, the incredible personalities in the form of mentors who endow us with their brilliant knowledge and many more such things, not to forget the surreal evenings here with the breath-taking winds that make you feel fragile every once in a while….but none of these prevailed in my mind for long. In the time that I have spent here in IIM Trichy, what has appealed to me indeed, is its people and the values they carry within.

If you have ever been to this part of the country you will know Trichy is distinct for its simplicity. The place with its rich historic significance has hard-working people who do not believe in vanity. IIM Trichy campus is situated 14 kms away from the city in the middle of nowhere! The nearby areas are relatively under-developed and with the ascent of an enormous campus here a lot of people have found means to earn better livings. There are people who are simply expecting better roads better facilities and earning little extra because of IIM Trichy. This might seem trivial but an educational institute of such high esteem in the vicinity greatly motivates more hearts than we can imagine. The campus and the perceived glory associated with it boost the aspirations of many young students from nearby areas. It gives hopes to all those to rise above the obstacles thrown their way.

IIM Trichy has also actively encouraged its students to undertake the MAD (Make A Difference) project which has again exposed me to a completely different set of people. MAD project lets us get in touch with many unfortunate beautiful souls who deserve so much better in life. There was an instance when we visited a nearby village NGO which looks after 30+ kids. When we spent time with these kids they looked at us with so much awe the feeling strengthened in my mind that IIM Trichy is truely helping them set new goals in life.

I personally feel IIM Trichy is unique because it touches so many lives and nurtures so many dreams. There are people who dream of reaching pinnacles of the topmost firms tomorrow while there are kids from outside who find inspiration of a better tomorrow in the essence of IIM Trichy. IIM Trichy doesn’t just prepare us for the world of business it shapes so many lives and what echoes inside us long after we venture out into the world to live strive for those dreams is ‘Gyanam Anatam’ and the values this place inculcated in us.

Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?

I would like to work for Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited because it has highly exciting and thriving brands like Forever 21, Pantaloons, Van Heusen which interest me to the core. Being a consumer of these brands for many years I believe I understand the dynamics of this division and the consumer psyche associated with it up to certain extent. I highly appreciate the marketing tactics incorporated in these brands and hence they can prove to be a great platform for me to gain experience in my domains of interest which are marketing and strategy.


This article is written by Ritika Mondal – Class of 2019

IIM Trichy Placement Team

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