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In order for an entity to be irreplaceable, it would have to be different. There’s nothing better that could attest to this statement than the Indian institute of Management, Tiruchirappalli. So, if at all you are wondering what makes IIM Trichy so different and so unique, you need not stray too far. The key to the answer begins with its motto.

IIM Trichy, with its motto of Gyanam Anantham (knowledge is endless) has got a lot to offer to its students. It provides an environment that is conducive to learning and it induces a strong desire to gain knowledge. The sacrosanct words of the institutes motto reverberate in the great halls of the institute and is imbibed by its students. Knowledge paves way to wisdom and wisdom helps a person find their philosophy.  I believe that this is exactly what IIM Trichy helps a student with. It helps in letting a student find their own true identity and potential. The course pedagogy, its diverse structure and the values of academic responsibility, ethics and innovation helps in reinforcing that spirit and aids in producing world class leaders.

Ranked at 15th by the NIRF, IIM Trichy takes pride in its state of the art facilities, the quality of the students and the value that they add to the institute. This can be seen in the incremental growth in placements during the recruitment and summers season. The pedagogy which is extremely well designed by faculty members who’d facilitate in discussions, that are bound to be rememberable, ensures that the students are groomed as per the industry standards and would add unimaginable value to any organization. The facilities provided, the world class learning resource centre (LRC) which inspires learning, the academic and hostel blocks are nothing short of the state-of-the-art infrastructure.

The diverse background and gender ratio of the students helps in adding diverse perspectives on the table and facilitate knowledge transfers which in turn would enrich the academic culture of the institute.  If you think IIM Trichy is all about academics and work, you’re clearly mistaken. Despite having a rigorous course load which trains the students for the future and keeps them on alert, the students still find time to participate in the cultural, sports, clubs and committee activities as well. The vibrant culture can be felt at any a time in the institute. Organizing guest lectures, workshops, events , competitions are some of the responsibilities that the clubs and committees, run by the student body, takes care of and these facilitate in knowledge acquisition and interaction amongst students. IIM Trichy also encourages its students to participate in a multitude of social initiatives to ensure that society is benefitted from the likes of the institute. The cultural nights filled with loads of fun, the sports activities which would push the students to find their limits, and many more of such would be present for the students to have a time of their life.

Apart from this, IIM Trichy also promotes student exchange programmes with top class institutes, international week and international delegation programmes facilitating in providing sharp and diverse perspectives and indeed they are powerful instruments in shaping an individual.  If you think the list stops here, you’re mistaken. They are innumerable and many more reason to respect and love this campus. And the nexus between the institute, the faculty, the students and their driven commitment almost similar to that of a close knit family is what makes IIM Trichy special in my opinion.

In which ABG company would you want to work?

Under the ABG group, I would really love to work for the Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd which, in my opinion, is extremely skilful in attending to the demands and needs of the customer. We live in a world where fashion is considered to be as a symbol of free expression and joy and as a strong believer of its constitution, I would live to contribute in this field. I would like to know more about how the branding and marketing are done in the organization, its relationship with consumer behavior and would try to garner knowledge from it. The learnings and experience from such an opportunity would definitely be invaluable.

This article is written by Kaashyap Sarma V S S Boddapati- Class of 2020.

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