InsideIIM’s Best 50 – Get Tagged As India’s Most Employable MBA Grad

Hey, you 2nd year MBA student! Yes, you. The one who is preparing day and night for the final placements. Now is the chance to shine a little bit more. With InsideIIM’s Best 50 – Season 4, we are on a hunt for students with the best profiles on Business School Campuses once again. Know you are special? Let others know as well! PPO or not, now is the time to shine. Send us your profiles and we will shortlist the best 50 profiles.

This is your chance to show your best side to recruiters. Rather than helplessly waiting for a shortlist, or languish with a brilliant answer to a question the interviewer never asks, take the opportunity to show the world why you are special, on your own terms. We will publish feature stories on the life and career of the 50 students with the best profiles.

What do you need to do?

It’s quite simple, really. Just fill this form. The form is divided into 5 parts – Academics, Extra-Curricular Activities, Work Experiences, Work Preferences, and the last part comprising of 5 questions (Test their problem-solving, leadership skills etc). Every participant has to answer at least 3 out of these 5 questions.


The top 50 aren’t going to be ranked in any order. Overall, all 50 will be honoured with the coveted title of Most Employable Manager for the batch of 2018.

Why do we do this?

Often times, the people who shine at the b-schools are the ones with either a PPO, or a part of placement or media committee, or someone with stellar academics, or even someone with a fancy summer internship. But we believe that everyone has a story to be told. And everyone has a myriad set of opinions and thoughts on some important issues; which don’t require the stamp of validation from a Placement Committee or Academic Finesse.

– You have a story, we have a platform where you can be heard. So speak up and tell us and our community of users. You could be a source of inspiration to thousands of people.

– The intent of this competition is to make people aware of the diverse set of people and ideologies that showcase the overall personality of a b-school graduate.


Launch Date – 1st December 2017

Deadline for filling the form and submission – 2nd January 2018 (Deadline Extended to 15th Jan)

Results will be announced on 15th January 2018. (Results Announcement on 30th Jan)

Who can apply?

  1. Second year/Final Year Post Graduate Programme students only – This year it is open to all post-grad programmes and not just MBA
  2. Students who think they are different. We all are different in our own domains, and we all have done some unusual work in our lives. It’s time to realise that and talk about it.

After the competition

If you are among the Best50 –

You become hot property among recruiters in all of India. We will do a feature story on you (based on your answers), highlighting your journey and the achievements in your career.

If you are not among the Best50 –

Always remember, good people doing good things are always noticed even if you don’t win competitions. Well, you have nothing to lose, at the end of the day you believed in yourself and tried for the best.

In case of queries, direct your doubts to Please mention ‘Best 50’ in the subject line.


*Edited on 3rd January 2018

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