Interview with Rohit Kalahasthi – Real Estate Sector

As a part of her latest endeavour to unearth everything about Finance, Kala met Rohit. From the perspective of Chartered Accountant Finance professionals who visit our website, this is one interview that will definitely help.

Rohit Kalahasthi is a Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary and completed his B.Com from R.A. Podar College. He held the 45th rank in CA intermediate exam and 12th rank in CS Final exam.  He currently works with Kumar Builders Group (KUL) in the Corporate Finance area.  He is extremely passionate about his music and loves to sing and has represented his college in various college festivals.

1) As a Chartered Accountant working in the area of corporate finance do you think theoretical knowledge has an application in work life?

I think theory undoubtedly has an application in the practical work life but at the same time it is necessary to know to what extent it must be used. The application of theory is restricted and the basic idea lies in having your concepts clear to be able to move forward.


2) Today management professionals are preferred over C.As for areas like corporate finance. Why and what do you think CAs need to do to get there?

The first word that comes to my mind is ‘Flamboyance’. Today corporate finance is not only about finance it require people with good marketing skills so that you can convince and sell your idea. Here management professionals stand out and CAs due to the distance learning and the curriculum fail to make a mark. CAs must give importance to personality development, extracurricular activities at graduation level, Communication and presentation skills to groom themselves at an earlier stage.


3) Why did you decide to begin your career in corporate finance in the Real Estate sector?

There is no specific reason but I wanted a job which gives me enough commercial exposure and job responsibility. Also I did not want to end up doing a back end job and real estate is surely one of the most dynamic sectors in our economy.


4) What excites you the most about working in the real estate sector?

The real estate sector is now at a growth stage. It has not reached its full potential and there is still tremendous growth potential. It has abundant opportunities and there is something new happening every day. It is dynamic and constantly changing and this aspect excites me the most.


5) What are the skills required to be a successful corporate finance professional?

Advocacy skills according to me are the most important. One needs to be capable of negotiation and must also be able to convince the other party and take him along with your own vision. Communication is the key which goes hand in hand with a wide knowledge base and a capability to analyse and understand the market.


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6) What are the roles you essay as a finance person in the real estate arena?

I am largely into project finance as a part of my work profile. It includes handling proposals, cash flows, project reports and negotiation with opposite parties. Also I have had the opportunity to be a part of certain levels of strategic decision making in the finance area.


7) Being just 1 year into the profession how has it developed you as a person?

I think I have gained a very high level of confidence which has helped me evolve as a person. Today I can easily fit in or be part of any professional discussion without feeling out of the league. Also the fact that people have come to recognize me adds to my value as a professional and has improved my network in the financial world.

As told to Kala Krishnan


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