Law Lectures At IIM Sirmaur – A Memorable Experience

I always thought of ‘law’ to be a serious game. The word itself gave me the feeling of seriousness about it. Little did I know that one fine day, I would be laughing with a gentleman over issues related to law. This individual is Mr. C.L. Bansal, our professor for ‘Legal Aspect of Management’ at IIM Sirmaur.

A highly experienced man, dressed in a simple shirt and trousers, he wished all of us a good morning with his brightened face and we all wished him back with the same enthusiasm. He then went on to ask us how we found our new college and its campus and environment.

Having exchanged the experiences, the class finally started. I became fond of him from the very beginning. I think it was his simplicity, bright smile, warm heart, and calm demeanour that spoke to me. I could hardly take my ears off his speech. I felt like he was teaching us life, and not just law. I was a little sceptical before going to his class because of the subject, but now it’s quickly becoming my favourite subject.

His teaching was full of intriguing events, stories, and experiences from his life; and that kept me glued to my seat just like a baby monkey keeps himself glued to his mother. He was visibly so energetic and full of knowledge and experience. What was even more mesmerising was that how down to earth he was. I fondly remember his saying in the class, “Law is not just a subject. It is derived from life. It is the outcome of incidents and events that happen to all of us.” I was surprised to see that my way of looking at the subject changed totally thereafter.

He even taught us that life is not about just placements, earnings, and businesses, but it is also about experiencing the learning and to gain the real value of it. He further stated, “If everybody is willing to get good placements without learning anything, it is not going to lead him/her anywhere. “

The ABG Company that I would like to work for:

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– Vikas Kumar


IIM Sirmaur

IIM Sirmaur Placement Team

IIM Sirmaur Placement Team.


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