A Letter To The Placecomer, With Love

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As the subject says, this has a reference to an open letter from a Placecomer in one of the most reputed B-Schools in India. You can read the letter here.

This is an open letter to that placecomer, and all placecomers in general, currently studying in India’s most Premier B-Schools. With love, from a student studying in a b-school of equal stature.


Dear Placecomer(s),

Greetings of the day!

I hope this letter finds you in good health and spirit, considering the fact that most of you work hard to help your fellow batchmates get placed by inviting Companies to your Institutes for recruitment. A very noble and tiring job indeed for which you deserve a huge round of applause from us (honestly).

Nobody doubts your credentials which got you selected in the placement committee of the Institute. You deserved it due to your hard work, period.

However, you seem to be blissfully ignorant of the “Evils” present in your committee. I know not whether you are a party to it, or are an ignorant altogether. But try to conduct some “market research” as to why people choose to blame or discredit you behind your back. Perhaps, that can allow you to ascertain the root cause of the problem, instead of relying merely on hypotheses without data. As per Sherlock Holmes, you can’t build bricks without clay, or data.

Since you might be busy now inviting Companies for recruitment, let me share some of the insights, which you might find useful in ascertaining some of the causes why people choose to loathe upon you. And believe me, the reasons stated here might radically change your assumptions about your fellow batchmates.

[Glimpses of the “Evil”?: (Top) Sofia Boutella in and as The Mummy (movie). (Bottom) Ranveer Singh as Alauddin Khilji in Padmavati (movie)]

Remember me pointing about some “Evils” in your committee? Well, let me elaborate by asking a few questions.

1. Why do some Companies release List 1 and then List 2 (Updated) for shortlisted candidates for Placement process? Why does the updated list invariably has names of only placecomers as additions? It is a fact. Is that not an evidence of “manipulation”?

2. Why does it so happen that only Placecomers get placed first, and then the rest of the batch? Now please don’t tell that the entire batch is unprepared or less talented. Something fishy does go on.

3. Sometimes, you may never have imagined, but an event with 0.001% probability actually occurs out of the blue. A few of your non-placecomer batchmates may have deep-seated connections in the Company which is coming for recruitments (with a 100% probability of our “connected” student getting shortlisted). Then why does the student need to complaint to the HR saying that the list of shortlisted candidates, which the Placecom shared with the batch, doesn’t contain his / her name in it? You may choose not to explain the embarrassment you might have had to face due to your fiasco and a nice music from the Company, and had to swallow your ego by rectifying your manipulation. Note that word manipulation is not in quotes over here.

4. When you follow time stamped offers for candidates, why does it so happen sometimes that you falsify a candidate’s placement information before the interview panel by lying that the said candidate got placed. That is grossly unfair practice. To secure your position, you just broke the rules of the game and played foul. Now serious doubts on your capabilities emerge. If someone plays foul, it is solely because of the fact that he / she is stupid and incapable. And it is a fact, not made up stories. You may do a market research and find this out, even from your own Institute.

Seems shocking, isn’t it? Just like a drama scene from a typical soap on television. The difference my friend(s) is that, all characters or events portrayed in such a soap is fictitious, but those portrayed here in an Institute have no iota of fiction.

Dear Placecomer(s), I still do NOT blame ALL of you. I have personally seen really good and ethical bunch of people working hard for the batch in Placecom. They want to see every student get placed. They play fair. Our placements do have an element of contribution from you too, and we credit you for that.

But that is NOT the ONLY factor which influences our placements. There is another factor too, called HARD WORK from our side. We do NOT want to see our efforts go waste due to a few bad eggs in your committee.

Being an MBA student, it is your duty to ask your batchmates, be transparent and open to complaints, find out the root causes of such opportunistic behaviour in your committee and take appropriate action against such bad eggs. Once such “Evil” people are gone, you will find the entire batch not only befriending you in public, but also cheering you, cooperating with you and praising you in your absence, not out of fear of fines, but out of genuine appreciation for your efforts.

Thank you and wish you the Best for your Placements too!



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Nipunn Vepakomma

It would have been good if the placecomer and non-placecomer had a go at each other without anonymity. Had I been either one of these, I would not have bothered being anonymous. “Fortune favors the brave”. So I wish you two were brave enough to reveal yourselves. However, no forcing you, it is your wish to remain anonymous then so be it, but remember that Gandhiji would not have been a legendary figure had he fought the freedom struggle behind the cozy veil of anonymity