Life At NITIE – Chapter 1

NITIE what? 

NITIE is a one of the top management schools in India.

Haven’t heard about it. 

Yes, the college doesn’t publicize much but it’s right up there.

Maybe. Hey Kohli played well last night.

Don’t change the topic. I want to tell you more about my college.

I get it, dude. Relax. 

Okay, *Blank face* 
This is what my conversations have revolved around for the past three months. Since the declaration of the results, I’ve been telling everyone about NITIE and there are two reasons behind it –
(i) The college is little known to the aam junta. Such is the ignorance, that even the auto-wallahs of Powai (the neighborhood in which the college is) sometimes double-check if the passenger has said IIT (located a couple of kilometers away) or L&T (located a kilometer away).
(ii) The college is GREAT. Period.

So, I joined the college on the 9th of June, 2017 and as luck would have it, I was allotted one of the best rooms we have at Taylor Hall (boys’ hostel).  It is an incredibly beautiful and green campus and I guess everyone who has written about NITIE has talked about it already. To put things into perspective, the picture you see has been clicked from my window and I know nothing about Photoshop or other fancy image editing tools. Now, imagine waking up to that view every morning!

But, my NITIE journey had begun probably a month before I moved my extra-heavy luggage into the room. The seniors had been interacting with us on Pagalguy and other forums trying their best to resolve all our queries and guiding us on how the first few weeks in the college would be like.

Well, to hear (or read) is one thing and to experience is completely another. Thus, it was only after I had spread my bed sheet, drank a couple of bottles of water, placed some things from the past on my study table, the feeling of having arrived at one of the premier b-schools of India began to sink in. All the mock tests, all the worksheets, all the weekend classes had finally amounted to something a lot of candidates in India would wish for and I was breathing its magic and sensing its glory.

It has been exactly 40 days into the college and as I am writing this at 3:52 AM, I am excited about everything that the next day has in store – a couple of presentations, a session by a Supply Chain Guru, a class on Statistics and my cup of tea as a breather after a longish day only to prepare myself for the next half. The better half – The Night.

It is the nights which are even more eventful cause everything awesome happens here after the sun sets and the beautiful Niti Sarovar (our own beautiful pond) starts reflecting the lights of the buildings and the shine of the stars. Late night studies, case discussions, competitions, those 11:59 assignment submissions, the cravings for stuffed Paranthe and Maggi at Bru cafe and the sound of laughter from distant corners make you believe that this is just the right place to learn and excel – as a person and as a professional.

I will stop right here and meet you soon with the next chapter. Till then, take care!

Lalam Ravi

Student, PGDIM Class of 2019, NITIE Mumbai