What Makes IIM Raipur Unique – Dipan Sen

The journey from CAT 2017 to being in one of the prestigious b-schools of the country has been enthralling. At the end of this journey, my expectations were pretty clear and IIM Raipur went ahead of my expectations. During my first week in here, little did I realize that IIM Raipur would unfurl what would give me an everlasting experience. We may not have our own campus as of now (will be getting there in about a couple of months) but we do have a sense of ownership. This paves the way for the sense of responsibility which I found to be very unique. I would not be wrong if I take pride in it. The sheer sense of responsibility dominates the different attributes that go into the making of the culture here. The different clubs and committee have distinctly different roles but they stand in unison when it comes to being responsible. The responsibility of oneself, the responsibility of the team and the responsibility of what you are entrusted with. When you are competing to establish yourself as one of the best managers, this is what will make the difference not only as a manager but as a human being. Few years down the line when I am there where I always wanted to be, I would proudly say IIM Raipur is responsible for what I am today.


Which Aditya Birla Group Company I would like to work for?

I would like to be a part of Aditya Birla Capital Limited (ABCL). Being a non-banking financial institution, it has proved itself to be phenomenal. With assets worth of about 3 trillion it has delved into almost all the fields of finance ranging from corporate finance, asset management to health insurance. Getting in ABC will give me the option to gain an in-depth knowledge of all these sectors. It is so varied that I believe I could spend years working in ABC’s different sectors in the finance domain.


Dipan Sen is a First Year student at IIM Raipur.