Master Of Hospital Administration At TISS – PIT And PI Preparation

First of all, congratulations to everyone who cleared the TISS-NET 2018. And those who haven’t, keep trying, as it is just a small obstacle.

Today, I am going to talk about the preparation for the Pre-Interview Test (PIT) and Personal Interview (PI) rounds for the Master of Hospital Administration course from Tata Institute of Social Sciences. The course looks after the administration of a hospital, but it is not only bound to the hospital sector, it also has a demand from other sectors like Consultancy, Home Healthcare, E-Market, Insurance sector, Information Technology, Finance and the like. So everyone is on a better platform regardless of their UG.

The PIT and PI happen on the same day and all the processes are generally over on that day itself. The PIT of the MHA has essay writing which one has to write on any subjects provided by the institute (it can be 1 essay or 2, depends on the paper setter). Your essay should not exceed the limit of 1500 words (no minimum words criteria). So, you’ve to write 1 or 2 essays in 45 minutes. The essay topics are generally related to the health sector, problems in the health sector, the emergence of new ideas in the healthcare with reference to hospital scenario. Last time we were asked to write 2 essays, which were

  •  Corporate hospitals are focusing more on comfort over cure- your opinion
  •  Problems of the Nurses.

As you can see, one essay was on the hospital setting and the other one was on overall health sector problem, so plan accordingly. (Every batch has different essays, so do not look from the previous batches)

The Personal Interview is the most important process that one faces on the selection day. As I was from a non-medical background and also a fresher, the questions I was asked were like 1) How do you relate your UG with MHA, 2) Questions about Hospitals, 3) Questions on your Detailed Application Form (DAF) 4) General view on the current health sector scenario in the country, 5) UG subjects. The ones who are from Medical background have to be more cautious because the interview actually tests your overall knowledge about the course and about your own degree.

People with work experience have to work on questions like what was the work profile, your role, about the organization, why are you leaving or left your job, where do you see yourself in some years, what will you learn from this course, etc.

One thing everyone should keep in mind is that the Detailed Application Form you fill is the key for them to consider you, so fill it wisely. Above all, the panel is quite relaxed, you will enjoy it. It is going to be a once in a lifetime experience, so feel free to express yourself.

I hope this helps you out, and please comment if you want more such articles.

Omkar Shinde

I am pursuing Master of Hospital Administration from TISS, Mumbai. I am a commerce graduate and PG in MA (Political Science) from University of Pune.



Omkar Shinde

1) what do you know about Hospital, which kind of hospitals have you visited, their specialities, staff, areas, management, OPD rooms etc.
2) As I m a commerce student and finance is a crucial factor for every business, so I relate the financial aspect and Managerial aspect while giving interview..