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An Unpretentious Day At TISS HRML&LR

‘This will be uploaded on Moodle. The deadline to submit the assignment will be Sunday 8 pm.’ A very common utterance by the faculty of TISS HRM&LR.

Fieldwork Journey At Mondelēz - My First Brush With Corporate

The 1st of July, 2019 is a day I shall never forget. It was a gloomy Monday morning, and the rain was pelting Mumbai as I had never seen before!

How I Developed As An HR Professional With The Mahindra group Ft. Bagisha Jha

What makes you take pride in working for an organization like Mahindra! Is it the values that the company follows to the tee or the respect for the brand and

Fieldwork In TISS: A Practical Laboratory Within The Corporate World

You cannot learn how to swim without stepping into the water. “For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them”, says Aristotle.

Top 10 Colleges Best For MBA in HR

The corporate space is witnessing a paradigm shift in the employee-employer relations and industry interface. The role of an HR or an HR manager in the current times has moved

The Ultimate TISSNET Resource List

Do you want to get into TISS (Tata Institute Of Social Science)? The first step to get there is cracking TISSNET 2020. If you dream to do an MA in

TISS-MAT Introduced In TISSNET 2020 | Major Changes And Implications

When it comes to competitive exams, TISSNET is considered of moderate difficulty. It heavily focuses on general knowledge. With courses ranging from HRM and social service to public policy, TISS

My Mahindra Diaries - The Induction Phase - A Joyful Beginning To The Journey Ahead

Expectations from summer internships differ across a cohort of students. Some folks are excited by the idea of spending their stipends on everything they have always wanted, others want to